Constantine – S1 Ep2 – The Darkness Beneath Review

After the pure joy that was episode 1 I find myself in a strange predicament,

I’m actually settling down and making time to happily watch a live action Constantine and without the need for Dutch courage.

Episode 2 starts of as Dark and with as much horror as you would expect from a Hellblazer story. Small mining town in middle of nowhere USA, a miner comes home from a hard days work and well, let’s just say his shower isn’t your average show. This leads John to head into town to check what’s afoot.

We Are also introduced to Zed, somewhat different from the books. She’s an artist that has a unique ability, where as in the books she was well erm we’ll just say she lived life to the fullest. She has been drawing pictures of John and she stumbles upon him just as John is snooping around town. Serious props to the director for the drawings in Zeds home, some demons from the books adorn her wall.

John then heads to a mine and, well something let’s say he doesn’t stick around for long.

John then attends the funeral for the guy from the beginning, and John’s character is given the chance to shine. Bringing his own style of food along with him wich made me grin from ear to ear. He eventually ends up getting kicked out, Honestly the writing in this show is superb.

After a brief altercation with the mine manager, John heads to his hotel and Zed happens to be there, She wants to know why she has vision esp visions of him and he just wants to be left alone. They share a moment of magic (No euphemism) he wants to test her and asks her to see a vision.

Visions shared and off a snooping John goes, an encounter in a church with a couple sharing a moment of magic (euphemism intended) are interrupted by John then we get a moment that is genuinely creepy, involving water and a demon.

Meanwhile Zed is snooping round a bar and wouldn’t you know it, miners have been complaining about the mine not be safe for a while and the boss isn’t interested. Seems John isn’t the only guy dabbling in the dark arts. John and Zed catch back up and the chemistry here between the two is great, they share what info the have and go back to snooping. John ends up getting hold of the 2nd in charge at the mine and they have a chat. As they are sat in the car he tells John that they are aware of the haunting issue but like with all bosses, money is good. Suddenly the spirits decide now would be a good time to show themselves and kill both men. Thanks to Zed John manages to escape.

In typical Constantine fashion he and Zed end up at a Bar, Zed has a vision and they get a clue of where to go. A small chat with an ex holy man leads them down another path.

Back at the mines the boss and one od his guys decides to go into the mine and bloody hell, something nasty does indeed lurk in them shadows. John and Zed show up just in time to save one of them and also learn exactly what he’s dealing with. Well well, it seems someone has been dabbling with dark arts after all, and the show down is bloody satisfying.

The episode wraps up with more John and Zed sexual tension and warnings of not getting to close.

What can i say, another superb episode. The mystery behind John Constantine is the real driving force, his character is  written so well and acted just as good. I will say the show at the moment seems very one and done, very little on the way of a big over hanging plot, hopefully that will pick up down the road.