The Flash – S5 Ep11 – Seeing Red Review

In the words of Nora West-Allen, this episode was “super frigging schway”.
Cicada is back and he’s in a BAD mood. Trying to end his current rampage, Team Flash interrupt his attack on Norvock and his pal. We previously saw Norvock as Amunet Black’s henchman and I must say it was great to have Mark Sweatman back on the show. We got to learn more about him in this episode and he’s not all bad. In fact I think he’s just craving some love. Things take a shock turn for the worse when Cicada picks Nora up and breaks her back with one hell of a powerful punch.
This gives us some continuation from Elseworlds. We saw Barry enjoying the darkness of being the Green Arrow slightly too much in the crossover, even to the point where Iris felt concerned. The rage Barry feels over Cicada’s brutality towards Nora is all consuming. Cecile is taken aback from the amount of rage she can sense from him. He manages to control it to begin with and along with Cecile discovers that Cicada is working from a list of meta humans which has been given to him by someone within CCPD. They work together quickly to gather up the names on the list and get them into protection. Danielle Nicolet was fantastic this week again. It’s been really nice to see her have bigger stories recently, she’s a great character and I’m hoping this only continues with Joe’s eventual return. With Killer Frost’s help, Barry looses all control once he finally gets his hands on Cicada. Danielle, Chris and Grant were ace in this scene.
Caitlin has has begun working on Cisco’s cure, although Killer Frost is doing her best to put an end to it. The whole Caitlin/ Killer Frost thing is becoming my favourite thing about this season. I love how they’ve managed to become two people using one body so synchronised. I love how much they both love each other, they’re like lifelong friends who have only just met. There’s also very nice moments between Killer Frost and Norvock and with Ralph too. Ralph manages to make her see how desperate Caitlin was to bring her back and in turn she throws Caitlin a very helpful bone. Ralph also has a great outing this week using his abilities, which is something we need to see more of.
Sherloque is still on his quest to find out exactly what Nora is up to but unwillingly draws attention to himself. He gets a stern talking to from Iris who fights to protect her daughter following her injury. By the end of the episode he’s almost there though! And whilst Cicada is seething at the end, Barry thinks he’s figured out how to stop him!

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