Supergirl – S4 Ep11 – Blood Memory Review

This was an episode of two parts one was a standard DEO mission trying to stop some new alien drug monsters and the other a very heartfelt and honest discussion about being different, which this show always does very well. This all comes together at the end with very real and heartbreaking consequences.

So the main alien drug story is really a catalyst to show the fallout from Alex’s mind wipe, It turns out it wasn’t just as straightforward as stopping Alex from knowing Supergirls secret it has fundamentally changed Alex’s personality towards Aliens, by not growing up with one as a sister Alex is now shall we say less than tolerant of Aliens, Supergirl especially!! This is going to prove very interesting for the show that has their relationship at its core!

The other and more poignant part of this episode concerns Nia Nal, a woman who is not only part human part alien but also Transgender, which she reveals to Kara on their trip to Nia’s home town, this plays into the episode where we meet Nia’s family, her mum and dad and her sister Maeva, all lovely people and super supportive of Nia and her move to the big city, the problems arise when the story of the dreaming powers come up and Nia’s mother who has the power said she had a dream that her daughter would have the power, so Maeva has been learning her whole life how to interpret the dreams and is desperately waiting for her powers to kick in, as we know Nia has the power but wont tell her family for fear of hurting her sister. Unfortunately due to her inability to read her dreams properly Nia doesnt see a warning properly in one of her dreams about her mother passing away and she cant save her from being bitten by a poisonous spider. This ultimately leads to Nia having to tell Maeva that she has the powers and Maeva is not happy, saying it should’ve been her, their mother said her daughter would have the power and its only passed to women and Nia isnt even a real women!!! that part was gut wrenching and brings up just a small piece of what some Trans people must go through, even from their own family!

I applaud CW and the writers of Supergirl for bringing these issues to the forefront and to Nicole Maines the actress who plays Nia who is also Transgender for sharing this with the world!

While heartbreaking and sad, the end of the episode did bring a little light with Nia’s father giving her a present from her mother who visited him in a dream once she had passed away which turns out to be Dreamers costume and it looks great! And also Kara sharing with Nia that she is Supergirl bringing them closer together.

All in all a fantastic episode!

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