The Flash – S5 Ep12 – Memorabilia Review

Let me start by saying I think this episode was the best we’ve had so far this season! The gaps in the Nora mystery are filled and thankfully we can place our full trust in her once again.

Barry’s plan to wake Grace up is in set into motion thanks to Sherloque bringing out the big guns in the form of his Memory Machine. They plan to go in together but the threat of seeing each other’s memories sends Nora into a panic. In true Nora style, she jumps in alone to find Grace and gets trapped. Looking for the portal home she’s taken into other memories from Grace and comes face to face with Cicada, which is Grace’s body’s way of fighting off what it thinks is a virus. It’s not good news for Nora when Grace reveals that she’s heard everything that’s been going on around her whilst in her coma and she’s worked out who exactly Nora is.

At the same time, Barry and Iris use the machine to bring Nora back but end up in her memory. It’s all fun and games to start with when they find themselves in The Flash Museum which looks a whole heap of fun. There’s merchandise such as comics, bobble heads and dc collectible figures that we as fans are very used to seeing. Barry is well excited by seeing his face everywhere. They stumble across the villains room where a video reveals that they never actually catch Cicada and that he’s still out there with a rising body count. After seeing a memory which upsets Iris, they too become trapped with Reverse Flash chasing them.

Ralph and Cisco would make my top 5 Arrowverse characters so I love it when they share scenes together. This week Ralph lures Cisco out on the piss under false pretences. Cisco is annoyed about being distracted from his research to begin with, but when Ralph tells him that he’s never had friends before and he just wants to enjoy things he couldn’t, he lightens up. This broke my heart a little bit. I love Ralph, and this made his character that bit more relatable. Cisco ends up having a very good time in the end.

Life is looking good for Iris too this week as she decides to set up her own newspaper in a very nice new office. We all know from that infamous front page we’ve been shown ever since the first season that it’s called Central City Citizen. She’s put off at first that it’s the only title she can legally use as she’s desperate to change the timeline to avoid a future where Barry is missing and her daughter resents her – but Nora points out that she’s doing that without even trying.

There was a nice little Gotham City reference from Sherloque as well as a hilarious revelation of who his partner was … you’d never guess!!!!! Barry drops in on Cisco at the end of the episode to share his intentions for the meta curse. It goes against everything Cisco and Caitlin agreed.


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