Arrow – S7 Ep11 – Past Sins Review

Arrows Past sins episode is a tremendous hour of TV, that proves even superheroes can’t run from their past. It also proves that heroes make excellent directors. This episode was David Ramsey’s directorial debut and I think he did a sensational job.

With next week being the 150th episode, this one was a great callback to episode one, and shows how far the show has come since a guy called “Hackett” was shot on a life raft.

We see Oliver and Laurel being interviewed on TV at the beginning of the episode, and they almost seem like friends. Oliver promises he will no longer be hiding in the shadows (His turtle friends might be though)

After Ollie introducing himself to Emiko last week we see that he asks her to give him a chance, and she refuses, Oliver regrets that Emiko is not a part of his life. Though he understands her anger, he spends the entire episode proving to her he is nothing like Robert.

Suicide Squad is back under an alternative name due to silly DC rules. Curtis almost says the forbidden words before lyla interrupts! I’m excited Cupid is back, she is delightfully crazy and her flirting with Curtis is amusing!

I’m not the biggest Curtis fan, but for once I agree with him when he reacts to the Diggle’s having Diaz. A massive betrayal to the Queens. Curtis doesn’t agree with putting bombs in people’s heads so he invents a simulation that makes Diaz believe he is free, and in said simulation Diaz murders Curtis and escapes with his “Squad”- he is then awakened to find that Curtis just molested his mind. Very clever move for Mr Teriffic! He outsmarted the Dragon.

Curtis doesn’t agree with the “Squad that must not be named” and doesn’t understand the need for it now Dig has the tech he made. Diggle disagrees so Curtis tell him he will not be following orders from him anymore (until director Diggle yells cut!)

I’m a huge fan of Felicity and Laurels friendship this series, which we see develop when they go for a glass of wine (That wine not being Amell’s Nocking Point wine is a missed opportunity in my humble opinion). Laurel sees an old face that she clearly doesn’t like, he is called Brett and on her earth she hurt him, and we later discovered he killed her Quentin. Laurel tries to go after him and Felicity helps her. Laurel explains that she feels responsible for Quentin dying on her earth, because when she was a kid she had a tantrum about a cake which forced her Quentin to go out, and he died on his travels. Felicity explains how stupid her blaming herself is. With Felicity’s friendship Laurel is definitely becoming more Laurel like and Felicity is becoming way more likeable (to me anyways, I have a rocky relationship with her character). I hope we see way more of their friendship in the future. I really enjoy it. Felicity takes Laurel to Dinah, who tells Laurel that she has Brett and will be keeping him in custody. Laurel is starting to realise she has friends in Felicity and Dinah!

Someone isn’t a fan of the Laurel and Oliver’s interview so, naturally, they kidnap and torture the guy who interviewed them. Detective Oliver is on the case! And he discovers that the kidnapper is none other than Hackett’s son, the guy his dad killed. Though I understand Hackett’s frustration- Oliver didn’t kill his Dad, Robert did, and Robert hurt Oliver more than he hurt anyone. So my conclusion is that Hackett’s anger was misguided! Oliver is more understanding of young Hackett’s psycho antics!

Hackett doesn’t want Oliver in the police so Oliver- in a very stupid move, asks to be fired, and Dinah refuses! Rightly so. Hackett breaks into the police and threatens to kill everyone if someone doesn’t kill Oliver. He hacks into the electrical grid (they should have seen that coming since his name is Hack-it) and threatens to electrocute people if he doesn’t get Ollie. Ollie comes out and tells Sam he knows he is a liar, he should have told him his dad was dead. Oliver says he knows he should have given him closure.

Obviously nobody kills Oliver. Because the Arrow is a great friend for the police to have. Dinah fixes the electricity and Oliver safely restrains the mad man!

Oliver feels like another Tv Interview so goes and admits on TV that his dad killed Hackett to save him. In doing so he proves to Emiko that he isn’t like his dad. He is honest and he wants to show people that.

Emiko approaches him and admits that took guts, and she can see Oliver is different from their father. She is coming around. But I still miss Thea, and she will remain my favourite Queen sister.

I really want Thea to come back and meet Emiko. Maybe Emiko would tell her where she got all her super combat skills!

The episode ends with Dinah finding a note in her car that reads “one by one, I’ll kill you all”- so I’m guessing team Arrow has another enemy to fight! And I can’t wait for next week to see them fight said bad guy in the 150th episode!! What an achievement for a show. Well deserved!

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