The Flash – S5 Ep13 – Goldface Review

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! This week’s episode is really dark, really Arrow-esque and it works really well.

With the prospect of Cisco and Caitlin’s meta cure being perfected very soon, Barry and Ralph go in search of an immobilising devise which will keep Cicada still enough for them to inject him. They are given the name ‘Goldface’ who will help them get what they need, which takes them to the criminal underworld. Barry drops the nerdy, bashful personality and totally channels his inner Don Corleone. Grant Gustin was just perfect this week. The way he so convincingly tricks Goldface and his pals into believing he is an uber criminal genius who leaves no trace for the police is so much fun. He even had me going for a bit. Taking on the persona of ‘The Chemist’ he ends up having to do Goldface a favour in return for the weapon he needs. This causes a huge moral dilemma for both him and Ralph. What I liked about this was that no matter how beneficial the action is for their own gain, Barry (and Ralph) will always do the right thing. Hartley Sawyer was also fantastic here as he managed to momentarily drop the comedy in order to get the job done. But I always love having him brought to the forefront. We need more Barry and Ralph please!!!! I also enjoyed Damion Poitier as Goldface. He gave us a solid gold (yeah I went there) villain who would actually do well as a long term threat for Team Flash over a good few episodes rather than just the one.

Knowing that Sherloque is hot on her heels, Nora is advised by Thawne to distract him with romance. She constructs a situation which leads him to quite literally bump into a lady called Renee Adler, played by the wonderful Kimberly Williams-Paisley. She also plays his various ex-wives who Nora calls in to give him tips. They aren’t exactly happy to see him though. Ever since the announcement that Kimberly would be joining the cast I’ve been so excited to see her show up, so I was happy that she finally succumbed to Sherloque’s charms as it means we will be seeing her again. There’s also more to Renee than we first think which will be great to see.

Iris isn’t receiving great reviews on her new paper so decides to up her game and do some digging on Cicada to make her writing more interesting. This leads her down a very dangerous path as she comes face to face with him … in his house!!!! Chris Klein is totally menacing in these scenes, to the point where you’re on the edge of your seat feeling Iris’ state of panic. I have really liked the progression with Iris over the past few weeks. We are seeing her come into her own, taking on a bigger role within the show. To me Iris the top notch investigator makes so much more sense than the Iris behind the desk at Star Labs.

The show has really found its stride now and it’s getting very exciting. I’m enjoying watching the Nora and Eobard story unravel as well as the thrill of the team chasing Cicada.

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