Arrow – S7 Ep12 – The Emerald Archer Review

This is a very special episode celebrating 150 episodes of the show. A huge achievement. The whole episode was executed impeccably well with lots of great nods to its past whilst following a great story in the present day.

It kicks off with the Warner Bros logo and a documentary begins all about vigilantes which focuses on Oliver Queen, narrated by none other than Kelsey Grammer. A nice little DC connection is made as Star City, Central City and Gotham City are all mentioned as part of the vigilante crisis. There are interviews with past and present cast members. An interview with Quentin Lance from 2014 is shown right at the start, which was a bit emotional. Thea Queen, Sara Lance, Rory Regan and Cindy ‘Sin’ Simone all make an appearance to give their views on vigilantism. Seeing Sin especially was great given that she’s an integral part of the shows history and makes you remember the glory days of Roy moving on from his troubled upbringing and becoming Arsenal. Speaking of Roy, there were clips of when he protected Oliver and claimed to be the Arrow before he left. I would say that is one of my favourite moments of all seven seasons so I loved being reminded of it, and hearing it being called Starling City again!

Current cast members Felicity, Diggle, Dinah, Curtis, Diaz and Rene all have their input but it was Laurel’s interview which was most insightful. I mentioned on our podcast (go check it out) that it was like no one remembers that when the original Laurel died it was revealed that she was The Black Canary. This was addressed in her interview finally as she shows how unsupportive she is for Star City’s current vigilantes and claims validity having been one. Barry Allen also pops up to support his pal and talks of his vision is to stop people suffering from the dark experiences her has. Oliver is quite self deprecating in his interviews though and wishes things could have always been the way they are now … hoodless.

There’s a new threat in Star City in the form of Chimera (Curtis is extremely proud of himself for giving him that name). He’s hunting down vigilantes and keeping their masks as show pieces. Curtis, Diggle and Rene rally round Oliver to take Chimera down and even Dinah is forced out of hiding and in turn, reveals her secret identity to Mayor Pollard. Ultimately it was fab to see them all working together as a team again. We haven’t seen this for quite some time. Regardless of their good intentions, Curtis, Diggle and Rene are arrested for violating the anti-vigilante law. Surely this means that Curtis, Diggle and Dinah join Oliver and Rene in having their true identities made public now? However, Mayor Pollard doesn’t press charges and instead gives them the same role as Oliver has working with Dinah. I mean their secret is going to be hard to deny with their actions being documented on camera. After butting heads the entire episode, Mayor Pollard seems to start willing Oliver to change her mind.

William returns home this week and he seems different. After being moody at home and spending quality time with Zoe he eventually reveals to Felicity that he’s been expelled from his boarding school meaning that he was unable to take any of his exams. Oliver won’t be impressed! The final scene this week takes us forward again to 2038 where Connor and Mia are watching back a now banned documentary we saw being filmed during the episode. They find the old Arrow headquarters and Mia talks about vigilantes getting exactly what they deserved after destroying Star City. We’ve seen Connor before in an episode of Legends of Tomorrow, living as the future Green Arrow. These flash forwards could be about to get VERY interesting.

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