Constantine City Of Demons Review

So, on my way to watching another episode of the Constantine TV show I noticed a suggestion. The suggestion was Constantine : City Of Demons. I will be honest, as soon as I saw the thumbnail I was hooked. DC has produced some top notch animated work, from films to TV shows. Then throw John Constantine into the mix and surely you are on to a winner right?

I was pleased to see Matt Ryan reprise the role of Constantine, he really is the definitive guy for the role. Again though as I have said in the best, the Scouse accent definitely does get lost to his native Welsh tongue.

Now in the past few week I have said how much I really like the TV series and thought it was a great adaptation of the books, whilst I do stand by that I will say that this animated film is now the best adaptation of the book, characters and world’s of John Constantine that we have ever seen.

The plot is nothing we haven’t seen before, girl seemingly Ill, turns out her soul is being held captive and it’s up to John to save the day.

This time though the girl in question is his best friends daughter, yes the long suffering Chas is here as is a host of characters from Constantines dark supernatural history. Nightmare nurse has a role and does a wonderful job bringing us some exposition on John and Chas’ history together and even includes the Newcastle story, a story that is pivotal to the mystery and general character of John.

Also where this film shines is just how gory and absolutely weird and disgusting the supernatural world of Constantine is, John attends a party that can only be described as Mos Eisley on a bad nightmare acid trip, complete with band and twisted entertainment. It really is great to see these things brought to the screen in a way that they don’t have to worry about sensors or upsetting networks.

All in all, if you enjoy John Constantine as a character in either his own TV series or in Legends of Tomorrow then I can whole heartedly recommend this, it really is the best Constantine adaptation that has been made.