The Flash – S5 Ep14 – Cause and XS Review

We all love a bit of timeline hi jinx on The Flash and there’s plenty of it this week. In fact Nora gets caught in her very own Groundhog Day which tests her skills as a speedster.

Cisco’s cure is 29 days away from being ready and the team are just too impatient to wait. Barry gets sent into the time force to use it as a catalyst for the dark matter and by Caitlin’s calculations this means the cure will be useable in 60 minutes. In his absence things get very interesting. Nora relives the impact of Cicada’s revenge on Iris’ breaking and entry not once, or twice but 52 times!!! She keeps getting thrown back in time to find a way of preventing events which lead to Iris, Caitlin, Ralph, Cisco, Sherloque and Cecile being stabbed by his pesky little dagger.

I’ve seen nothing but praise for Jessica Parker Kennedy as Nora since she hit our screens, and this week she truly shines. For the first time she’s made to deal with the type situation her Dad has competed against time and time again. She shows herself to potentially be a great leader by using each loop in time to find a way to stop her family and friends from dying. Jessica gave an impeccable performance in this episode. She tries to hide the truth from everyone but they eventually work out what’s going on and by working together, Cicada finally feels the sting of his dagger for himself.

There’s a welcome return this week too. Ralph brings out the Book of Ralph once again to help Cisco on his first date with Kamilla, the girl he met in the bar a few weeks ago. As innocent and loveable as he is, Ralph does more damage than good causing Cisco to act like a complete douche on the date. His vibey senses ping and he too realises that something is going on with the timeline but manages to piss Kamilla off several times. In the end he ditches the ludicrous clothes, terrible hair styles and braggy persona and does a much better job when he just goes as himself. What a nice message people … just be yourself!!!!!

So quite a challenging episode for Nora this week, surely she deserves a break after all that running around? Sherloque clearly doesn’t agree as he’s found a way to break the coded notes in her book and starts running them through his computer.

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