Supergirl – S4 Ep12 – Menagerie Review


This highly enjoyable episode opens with a couple on the run after a heist. The pair are run off the road by what appears to be a meteor crashing down. The woman later revealed to be Pamela Ferrer (guest star Jessica Meraz) is then attacked by a creature that comes out of the wreckage. The DEO is alerted to the meteor crash site where they discover a victim (Ferrer’s boyfriend) missing his heart! Meanwhile, Brainy (Jesse Rath) visits Nia (Nicole Maines) with the desire to begin her superhero training. Nia is not receptive to it as she is still grieving over her mother’s death. She does however invite him to her Valentine’s Day party which Brainy awkwardly accepts. He then comically tries to decide what gift to bring to the event which Nia called “a date.” Alex (Chyler Leigh) gives him some advice which in turn makes her realize that she needs to get back out there and fight for what she wants. Meanwhile, Lena (Katie McGrath) and James (Mechad Brooks) decide to jet off to Paris, but their trip is cut short after a relationship ending fight. Lena informs him that the government wishes to use her research to create super soldiers. James is vehemently against this which angers her. She later accepts the government’s offer taking a step toward her Luthor darkness.

Elsewhere, J’onn (David Harewood) receives his first case as a PI and it just so happens to be connected to these mysterious attacks! With Kara’s help, they converge with the DEO at a new crime scene where two more heartless victims are discovered along with venom left behind by the creature. They take the sample to Brainy who is awkwardly navigating Nia’s party. They join him there where Alex runs into a woman she went out with previously. At Kara’s behest, she talks with her while the others wait for Brainy’s analyses. Kara finds Nia sullen and encourages her to accept her destiny as the next dreamer despite her sister’s harsh objections. After analyzing the venom sample, the team determine that Ferrer is connected to the string of murders and go to confront her. They quickly realize however that she is behind them and is not alone. A snake like symbiote called Menagerie has bonded with her! The creature gives her power helping steal in exchange for feasting on hearts. With an impressive show of strength and power, Menagerie subdues the team and escapes.

Meanwhile, Ben Lockwood (Sam Witwer) who remains in jail for his crimes as Agent Liberty is visited by his family. He instructs his son to carry out a mission for him which involves the new alien menace. The young Lockwood galvanizes the Children of Liberty to eliminate the threat and any who stand in their way.

Menagerie later resurfaces attacking a Valentine’s Gala which alerts the police, the DEO and Supergirl. The Children Of Liberty also show up with the intent to further push their agenda by killing the alien. After a intense battle, the Girl of Steel successfully fends off both Ferrer and the Children of Liberty with a surprise assist from a costumed Nia. However, the victory is short lived as the anti-alien group decapitated the symbiote. Ferrer is then taken into custody by the police. President Baker, who has grown increasingly frustrated with Lockwood’s popularity negatively affecting his polls, decides through a loophole in the Patriot Act to release Lockwood. While it looks like win for the anti-alien terrorist group, Ferrer receives a letter while in her cell which is revealed to be from Manchester Black. It is also revealed that the symbiote is still alive!

All in all a great episode!! The humour was on point as well as the action. Can’t wait to see what’s next especially with what looks like Manchester Black vs Lockwood round two on the horizon.

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