The Flash – S5 Ep15 – King Shark Vs Gorilla Grodd Review

With the meta human cure finally ready for use the team are on the look out for a test subject to see if it actually works. With Lyla Diggle’s help they approach Dr Lamden who has been working with King Shark. I love Lyla! It always makes me smile when she shows up in an episode of any Arrowverse show. Using a telepathic crown, Lamden has been trying to draw out the human in him and they decide to ask if he’d like to trial the cure. Barry takes the decision out of his hands in the end and injects King Shark with the cure to prevent him from eating Cisco. I found it so interesting to hear King Shark, in his human form as Shay Lamden, talk about how it felt to actually be the villain. He shows a lot of remorse for his actions and feels complete guilt for the people he’s killed. However, he blames the total and constant rage which took over his body for it all. Obviously his human form is devilishly handsome and is portrayed brilliantly by Dan Payne.

Shay makes a huge sacrifice to save the city after Gorilla Grodd steals the telepathic crown for his latest plan to take over Central City. With this we get some fantastic scenes between the two beasts. As the episodes title suggests, they end up in a brawl and it’s visually stunning. The magnitude of their strength and brutality is conveyed so well and I could have spent the entire episode just watching them throw things at each other. I think we need to see a round two at some point in the near future. It also makes you think about the fine line between good and bad, and you see that some things just aren’t as simple as this person is a villain and that person is a hero.

There was a love story running in the background of all the fighting too. As hard as Dr Lamden tried denying it, she had deep feelings for King Shark knowing that before going through the meta change, he was the doppelgänger of her Earth 2 husband. Their relationship was not too far removed from the movie, The Shape of Water and however unbelievable it might be to see a woman fall in love with a shark, it was very sweet. In other news Joe is back!!!!!!!! It was great to have Jesse L. Martin back and just in time too as Iris is in need of some support.

It may have been a bit of filler episode but it was a lot of fun. Barry found himself in hot water with his friends for ignoring the premise of not using the cure forcefully but in the end redeems himself and decides to offer it to Cicada rather than using it as a weapon. Cicada doesn’t want his meta abilities so surely he’d jump at the chance? Something tells me it won’t be that easy!!!

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