The Flash – S5 Ep16 – Failure is an Orphan Review

My goodness, this episode was schway af! There was a feeling of impending doom in the air and our friends at Star Labs were right to be worried. Even Reverse Flash calls it when Nora goes to visit him with an update at the beginning. Something or someone big is coming!!!

Nora gets a heads up that the timeline is changing and events lead her to realise that today is their last chance in giving Cicada the cure to prevent Barry from going missing. Dr Ambres is backed into a corner by Joe and Cecile until she eventually admits to her part in helping Cicada and sets up a meet for them. There’s icing on the cake too when she reveals that Grace is in fact a meta and the wound on her head is starting to glow just the same as her Uncle’s chest wound. Does this mean she’ll be taken off to Hogwarts when she regains consciousness?

Barry makes a few attempts at offering Cicada the cure and as you’d expect he’s completely dismissive of it. He doesn’t give a damn, he doesn’t want to know. This is until Barry tells him the truth about his niece and in a last ditch attempt to gain his trust, reveals his true identity. There’s been groans about Chris Klein’s portrayal of Cicada but I for one have never minded it. I do think he’s great this week in particular but maybe this is because I’m enjoying seeing Chris plays such a different role than what we’re used to seeing from him. Something about the character really reminds me of Shredder from TMNT too.

Cicada is brought to Star Labs but before he takes the cure he demands that Dr Ambres is brought in to stitch up his wound and threatens that he will kill each and every one of them if there’s any tomfoolery. It’s all plain sailing to start with. He’s successfully injected with the cure and he’s being stitched up. Happy days. Until another Cicada bursts through the window, causes complete havoc, destroys Star Labs and takes Orlin (we’re going to have to call him Orlin now otherwise this will get confusing). This Cicada is even more unforgiving, even more destructive and way more powerful. Dr Ambres falls victim to this brutality as she’s killed with Orlin’s dagger.

Just as the episode wraps up we see the new Cicada with Orlin. SHE removes her hood and we’re drawn to the glowing wound on her forehead. This Cicada is GRACE!!!! What a fantastic twist. She’s obviously from the future and this was so heavily hinted at back when Nora entered Grace’s memories in episode 12. Grace’s version of Cicada really unleashes an undeniably bigger threat. We’ve seen her in action for 5 minutes and it’s already clear that she’s not going to be as compromising as her Uncle. It bothered me that she killed Ambres though, that doesn’t make sense to me when she’s helped the two of them so much. We also know that Grace is aware of what’s going on around her while she’s in her coma so she would know that the Dr isn’t a threat.

We’re so close to the end but The Flash is showing no signs of wrapping up. It’s just stepped up a gear, upped the pace and I am really looking forward seeing what’s going to happen now.

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