The Flash – S5 Ep17 – Time Bomb Review

Shit is about to go down!!! After the events from last week Nora visits Eobard Thawne in a huge panic. Unfortunately for her, he claims that he can no longer help her, and urges her to go home and confess all to Barry.

I’ve read quite a few articles this week celebrating The Flash having a female main villain. After watching this episode I have nothing but praise for Sarah Carter and her portrayal of Future Grace. She is ruthless. She shows no mercy, no alliances and she has no plan to back down on her mission. She’s back to kill the meta who caused her parents death and plans to then kill the rest of them. This means that poor Vickie Bolen and her family are in for one hell of a ride. Orlin tries and tries to appeal to her better nature. Since being “cured” he sees things very differently and tries to make Grace see that firstly, evidence shows Vickie didn’t actively seek to kill Grace’s parents and that secondly, his actions have been wrong.

Grace is unwilling to listen. She’s dismissive of her Uncle and relishes in her choice to kill Dr Ambres. Events lead to a showdown between Grace and The Flash. She’s even more powerful than Orlin’s version of Cicada though and she’s able to manipulate the dark matter in other metas around her. Orlin’s last attempt at making her see she’s wrong have fatal consequences and she uses her dagger to kill him. This was just so sad. Orlin didn’t even get the chance to live any sort of life after taking the cure and even on his darkest rampage as Cicada, the one thing that kept him from crossing a line was his love for Grace. Everything he did was for Grace and whilst his intentions were villainous, they came from the love he felt for her. He had seen the error of his ways and was striving for a better future for the both of them. Even after her hideous actions his last words to Barry are ‘Save my Grace’.

Nora’s world is turned upside down when she’s forced to come clean after Sherloque reaches the climax of his investigations on her. He’s fitted all the pieces of the puzzle together and when she stumbles in telling the truth to her parents and the rest of the group, he seems to take great pleasure in outing her. I don’t know if Barry is more furious or devastated but he locks her up in one of the cells in Star Labs. This was a great conclusion to that part of Nora’s story. We’ve waited for weeks to see this happen and the way it plays out is gut wrenching. Nora isn’t a bad person. Naive, yes! She’s allowed Eobard Thawne to manipulate her into changing the timeline and used the threat of Barry’s disappearance as an emotional trigger.

There are three things I can’t finish this review without mentioning.
We got a Shazam reference from Cisco. Wooooo!
We got our second Spider-man reference from the Arrowverse this week and as much it excited me, it’s just so random! We even had Ralph giving his best Spidey impression.
We saw The Flash costume fly out of Barry’s ring. I loved that!!!!



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