Shazam Review

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So the wait is nearly over for the newest DC superhero on the block, Shazam! Now i wasn’t lucky enough to see the film at the press screening but Odeon did have some early previews for limitless members so i jumped straight on that. Being a big fan of Superman quite often i overlook Shazam as almost a clone with a couple of extras, i mean they look very similar and have a lot of the same powers, except the addition of one very important thing for Shazam and thats magic! Which if you didn’t know is actually one of Supermans weaknesses so when they have gone up against each other in the past things haven’t always gone well for Supes!

So here we are with probably the biggest exposure for the character to the main stream audience and what an introduction! Now I’m not going to go into spoiler territory with this review because its not fair to give away plot points that may take away from your viewing of this film. So instead I’m going to try and give you an overview of how I found this film and its position in the current DC movie universe.

Ok so first and foremost Zachary Levi is amazing as Billy Batson, he plays the part of a 14 year old boy in a grown adults body very very well, it reminded me a lot of Tom Hanks in big, except this adult has super powers! So the whole training montage with his foster brother Freddy is played perfectly as if two kids had won the lottery and are just having all the fun. The whole film is a great origin story and the opening where Billy meets the wizard is pulled straight from the comic pages of his New 52 run, so for a comic book geek like me it was great. Talking of comics there are plenty of nods to other characters and storylines most noticeably are the current incarnations of Batman and Superman, putting this film most definitely part of this universe along with Aquaman and Wonder Woman, I wonder where this leaves the current slate of films with Ben Affleck done and no news on anything new for Superman are they just going to move on from those films but still keep them in the background?? Either way this does feel kind of like a soft reboot to the universe with Aquaman as they are much more lighthearted.

So the main story is quite a familiar one of someone on the outside learning what it is to be a hero and while Mark Strong is great as a villain he did feel quite one dimensional, I imagine its so they could focus on Shazam and not confuse it with tons and tons of exposition on the main baddy. We do get to understand his motives and they make sense, i just kinda wanted a bit more.

So overall i would recommend this film to all DC fans but also to people that maybe didn’t love BvS or Justice League as this has a very different feel and it works really well for it. This film is played all for fun and you will laugh all the way through, so if you want a super fun film that leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside then this is the film for you and the end, well the end is just amazing no spoilers but if you’re a comic book fan you can see what’s coming and its an absolute joy!! We will definitely be getting a sequel, make sure you stay to the end of the credits 😉

So show you have the wisdom of Solomon and check out Shazam when it comes out on April 5th!

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