Legends of Tomorrow – S4 Ep9 – Lucha de Apuestas Review

After the longest dry spell ever the Legends have re-entered our timeline and are back to save our tv worlds. It’s present day and Ava has just returned to the Time Bureau to find total chaos following Kaupe’s escape. Hank blames the disarray on Ava’s lack of leadership and Mona for being the traitor who aided Kaupe. Ava is tasked with re-capturing the creature and firing Mona for her actions. Gary is sent to the hospital to fire Mona and Mona quickly wipes Gary’s mind and is on the trail of Kaupe. With Mona’s help Kaupe escapes through a time portal and the Legends take Mona to the Waverider. Mona states that it was the men in black who were kidnapping Kaupe and she tried to stop them.

Sadly the team don’t believe her and they insist on finding Kaupe who has been located in 1961 Mexico City. Kaupe has become a famous Lucha Libre Wrestler known as El Lobo (all around hero of the people and undefeated champion).  The team enter the arena to look for Kaupe and need to stay sharpe to find him. Great script here as this action was going to cause conflict between Sara and Ava who are operating to different agendas. The Sara Lance quit smoking plan is also fun to watch. Sara has her work cut out for her in this regard. The team finally use Mona to capture Kaupe and return him to the Waverider.

Meanwhile Zari has gone to the Time Bureau to check Mona’s story and Zari and Nate soon identify that it was Hank who wiped the footage, The only way to get the original footage is from Hank’s phone. Nate and Zari go to the Gala dinner his parents are hosting and confirm their fears.  Sara also goes to the Gala to explain to Ava that she can’t hand over Kaupe because of Hank’s actions and Ava doesn’t want to believe that she’s been tango’d and duped by Hank. They part on bad terms and unknowingly Sara sees Neron.

Ray is made interim Captain and has prepared a team building game called Cards to Save the Timeline in order to keep Constantine and Charlie in line and to reflect on the do’s and don’ts of time travel. They are saved from this agony by history as 1961 Mexico City has gone into flux with riots and civil unrest following El Lobo’s disappearance. Kaupe/ El Lobo has to fight so order is restored. Kaupe is taught to lose and all is going well until Ava’s extraction team arrives just as the fight begins. Their aim, to re-capture Kaupe and they certainly weren’t shooting for a takedown. The legends form their own tag team and start a real fight and its Legends 1 : Time Bureau 0. This is much to Ava’s disappointment.

After the Gala Nate confronts Hank who states his actions were for the best and the greater good. Nate pretends to believe him but then asks Zari to keep digging. Hank’s project is starting to unravel.  With history restored Mona considers leaving with Kaupe until Mick points out that there are no happy endings and that they are from two different worlds and do not belong together. Mona and Kaupe are saying their final goodbyes when Kaupe is shot by one of Hank’s men in black. The rage in Mona bubbles over and for the first time we see that Mona has gained magical powers and becomes a werewolf killing Kaupe’s assasin. Mick returns to find Mona (minus powers) by Kaupe’s side. A sad end for Kaupe. Ava and Sara have their final showdown and realise that they are not on the same page and it appears that their relationship is over. This is despite Sara appealing to Ava and stating that Hank is hurting these creatures for his own agenda. This seems to be irrelevant to Ava and now it appears that the Legends are on their own.

A great first episode back after the hiatus which has opened up the second part of the season. We know The demon that the team will need to face but the all important buildup will ensure a fantastic and grappling season. A very Sharpe script and a great scene with Sara and Constantine when she flicks the cigarette and stops him from smoking. Shame she can’t get that coat deep cleaned while she’s at it. The softie that is Mick talking to Mona about happy endings and the awkward moment when Nate and Zari infiltrate the Gala. Poor Zari. Nate’s mother is worse than some of the magical creatures. Questions going forward – how long will it be before Hank’s agenda is exposed? How will Mona face her powers and can they be controlled? Will Sara and Ava resolve their differences? How will the legends identify the fake masks  and threats that are around them? They aren’t as colourful or visible as the ones they saw in Mexico. All in all a great episode and I’m ready for the rest of the season.

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