The Flash 90s – Ep2 – Out of Control Review

I’m going to be honest this was not my favourite episode when I was a kid and it still isn’t now. Don’t get me wrong it’s ok but it’s not on par with most other episodes.

Homeless people are dying and their bodies go missing, is this the invasion of the body snatches or is there something more sinister afoot?

On behalf of the homeless Father Michael a friend of Barry’s late brother Jay asks for police assistance but they do not have enough officers to deal with the situation. Barry tries to get Lt. Garfield to reconsider but he tells Barry that there isn’t enough money in the budget to help.

That evening Tina is at a lecture waiting for Barry who is (cough) surprisingly late. The lecture is by Dr Carl Tanner an old friend of Tina and her late husband. After the lecture (which was about genetic engineering) Tina introduces Barry to Carl. Barry seems to disagree with what the good Doctor is trying to achieve, he feels that Carl is crossing a moral line and trying to play God. Carl asks to walk Tina home Barry said it was ok but his face is telling another story. As they arrive at Tina’s home Carl kisses her, Tina immediately pulls away and leaves Carl on her doorstep.

Back at the lab Barry gets a postcard from Iris which Julio “kindly” reads to him. Iris is now living in Paris and is making a success of her career. Barry seems to get over her pretty quickly as he is more annoyed by what happened with Tina the night before.

A couple of homeless guys along with Father Michael tell Barry and Julio about a guy hanging around injecting some of the homeless people who have disappeared. Later that night another poor soul is injected, his screams for help are answered by The Flash who was nearby but he was too late and the guy who is now slightly deformed dies in his arms.

The next day at the coroner’s office the coroner shows Barry the body but it’s no longer deformed it’s back to normal. Barry puzzled asks for a blood sample which he passes on to Julio.

Barry recognises one of the homeless people (Charlie) from his high school days and offers him a job as a security guard at S.T.A.R. Labs. Charlie reluctantly agrees and starts that night.

Tina has dinner with Carl which to me was a bit out of the blue considering the last time we saw them he kissed her against her will and she slammed a door in his face, oh well never mind. Carl quizzes Tina about her husband’s paper on genetic engineering as it would help him; Tina refuses to give Carl the paper as she doesn’t want Carl to end up like her husband.

At the lab Julio tells Barry that the blood changes every time he tests it. Tina meanwhile passes out (I think someone drugged her, well I know someone did because I saw the Carl do it). Carl scans Tina’s eyes while she was unconscious.
Carl uses Tina’s eye scan to break into S.T.A.R. Labs and steals the paper he needed. Charlie doing his job investigates the break in but is knocked out by Carl. The Flash arrives to find Charlie out cold lying in a chamber. The Flash checks on him but is trapped in the chamber…the vacuum chamber. Carl turns it on and the air starts to evacuate the chamber, The Flash struggles to breathe but he managed to cut through the chamber thus saving himself and Charlie.

Thanks to the paper he stole Carl appears to of found this missing piece of the puzzle and he synthesizes a new drug which he injects into a dog he has caged in his lab. The dog mutates breaks out of the cage and jumps through a window. I wonder if this is where they got the idea from for Resident Evil?

Tina noticed that her husband paper was taken. Barry thinks it was Carl but Tina doesn’t want to believe it.

A couple of beat cops Bellows and Murphy (we will see a lot of them through this series) are called out to a disturbance and find the mutant dog who proceeds to attack Bellows thankfully The Flash saves him in time. The dog returns to normal so The Flash takes him to Tina for tests.

The Flash confronts Carl but he injects himself with his new drug and mutates into a knockoff Incredible Hulk. The Incredible Carl makes short work of The Flash and goes on a rampage in Central City. After he demolished Bellows and Murphy’s car he returns to normal and decides to pay Tina a visit. Tina asks him to reconsider what he is doing but he tries her up, ionizes the drug and uses it on himself again. The Flash arrives just in time to stop Carl injecting Tina with the drug. Carl runs off but The Flash catches up with him and manages to incapacitate him by wrapping him in a wire mesh fence. Carl unable to break free returns to normal and is arrested.

As I said at the start this episode isn’t the best in my opinion as the ending felt a little flat and was resolved too easily. Out of Control does have its positives though, we see how kind Barry Allen actually is. He gets Charlie a job and a place to stay. Ok it didn’t work out to well for Charlie as he was attacked but Barry’s heart was in the right place. The biggest positive I take from this episode is that it’s out the way.

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