Legends of Tomorrow – S4 Ep10 – The Getaway Review

So its 1973 and the team have to stop an all truthful President Nixon from spilling the beans about his crooked exploits. The outcome if they fail is social and economic chaos not to mention the floundering career of Robert Redford who never got to film All The President’s Men (which is clearly a priority for Mick). Meanwhile at the Time Bureau Nate and Zari are looking to uncover Hank’s mysterious project. Complicated by Ava’s leave of absence they enlist Gary’s help to go through Hank’s phone. Daunted by the prospect Gary gets Nora on-board to assist.

Hank is busy covering for Ava and the number one mission is to capture the Legends. But the Legends are busy abducting Nixon to find out why he has suddenly developed the urge to be truthful. The Team are forced to abandon the Waverider as the ship is commandeered by Hank’s men. And in true Getaway style they steal an RV and embark on the road trip to Florida to deliver a truth devoid Nixon. While on board Constantine de-bugs Nixon literally and it is this creature that is making Nixon spill his guts. They knock Nixon out but it isn’t long before he awakes to Constantine exclaiming that Nixon is winning the war on drugs. This is probably my favourite line of this episode. Mona is tasked with keeping the bug safe but it isn’t long before the bug has escaped and the team are bearing their souls. It culminates in Sara blaming Mona for everything that has happened – Koane, Ava and losing the ship.

Meanwhile Nate and Hank are in hot pursuit as 1973 Cops and I really enjoyed the bonding between Nate and Hank and it was heart warming to see them enjoy the father and son time that they never had before. But it isn’t long before Hank realises that Nate is still working with the Legends and sets a trap.

Mona leaves the RV upset at Sara’s revelation and the team split up. Mick and Ray are tasked with taking a de-bugged Nixon to Florida while Constantine and Sara go after Mona. A very sweet moment when Constantine checks in on Sara and provides support. Constantine is really becoming part of the team.

Meanwhile back at the Bureau Gary and Nora discover that Hank has been undertaking tests on the magical creatures among other crimes. Gary and Nora hear footsteps and hide under Hank’s desk and it is at this point that Neron enters the room. Nora has some magical connection and Neron’s presence causes her great pain. After Neron departs Nora warns Gary to stop investigating and returns to her cell.

Back in 1973, Constantine and Sara track down Mona just as Mona’s magical powers come to the fore to tackle some Time Bureau agents. Eventually Sara manages to talk Mona down. Meanwhile all of Hanks’s men have closed the net on Ray and Mick and they are about to get arrested when the truth bug escapes and Nate finally has it out with his dad. Hank refuses to confirm what he has been doing other than it was Nate. At this point I was wishing for this bug to fly up Hank’s nose but i guess if it had we wouldn’t have another six episodes to look forward to. Nate insists that if Hank trusts him then he needs to release the Legends which he does. All is back to normal in 1973.

In present day, Zari updates Nate on Gary’s findings about Hank’s project but Nora’s warning is not mentioned. Following Nate’s declaration Hank wants to call it quits with Neron and stop the project. It is at this point that Neron shows his true form and attacks Hank and sucks out his life force. Nora’s apparent magical connection with Neron is strong enough for her to know what is happening and she escapes her cell just in time to find Hank. Nate stumbles on Nora with Hank who immediately jumps to the conclusion that she killed his dad. Nora escapes and we are ready to plunge directly into the next episode.

This was such an interesting episode. A focus on truth throughout was quite fun but also thought provoking in places. I really didn’t expect Hank to go in this episode (well it appears that he has). I knew it was probably coming but the sad truth is in this case Hank wanted out for Nate. It was disappointing to see Nate so easily point the finger at Nora. I also really hope that as the series progresses that we manage to hold onto some of the humour. Questions going forward – will Nora go to the Legends for help? Why does Nora appear to have this magical connection to Neron? Do they have a history? Does she have knowledge that could help in Neron’s defeat? What about Neron’s plans? They clearly featured Hank. What’s is Neron’s back up plan? How will Nate react? Will Sara and Ava be able to sort out their problems? Whatever the answers – the current truth – is that Neron has the edge.

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