Legends of Tomorrow – S4 Ep11 – Seance and Sensibility Review

In the immortal words of Bryan Ferry ‘Love is the drug’ in this weeks episode. After the shock murder of Hank, Nate is having to deal with just getting close to his dad, losing him and his feelings of disappointment.

The team come out to support him but the girls soon have to leave to deal with a magical fugitive while Constantine and Mick remain at the wake while Ray sneaks off to see Nora who has confirmed that the demon killed Hank.

This episode is a plethora of colour. The team travel to 1802 Bath, England to save the career of Jane Austen whose observations of society have made Jane quit writing. There has been an outpouring of lust and it turns out that the magical creature is the Hindu God of Love that has taken a fancy to Zari. They quickly capture the creature but he soon releases his love dust through the waverider’s ventilation system and they all have a lustful night to remember. The Hindu God of Love challenges Zari to give into impulse and it is a challenge that Zari willingly accepts. Cue a Bollywood musical and a potential wedding for Zari. Zari is being swept away by the magic and it is Mona who manages to break the spell. Mona convinces Zari to wait for love that offers more. I mean who wants to be 1001 in anyones life. Mona succeeds despite mourning the loss of Koane. A very differnt episode but what a talented cast who can switch in the blink of an eye from 1802 Bath to Bollywood. It is also Mona who convinces Jane with the help of woolfie to start writing again and not to give in. Its following this chat that history seems to have been saved and the writings of Jane Austen restored. I mean where would we be without novels like Emma.

Meanwhile Constantine senses Hank’s spirit and as Nate is not willing to listen conducts a seance with Mick’s help. Hank confesses that he was foolish and was murdered by a demon called Neron. Constantine’s worst fears are coming to pass. Nate finds a hidden room which confirms that Hank was trying to create a magical theme park which was Nate’s childhood dream. Finally Nate admits his love for his dad and the loss that he feels. It is at this moment that through a pool of drink that Constantine’s fears come to the fore. The fear of failing and that more friends would be lost to hell. It is at this point that Constantine sees Neron in the form of Des for the first time.

Last week we had truth and this week we have the theme of love in every colourful form. How will Constantine cope with his fears? How will the team defeat Neron who is incredibly powerful? Hank’s aim was a theme park which is very odd but Neron clearly had other plans, What are they? The world and time is at Neron’s disposal and anything is possible. Lets hope the team are equal to the task!!!!

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