The Flash – S5 Ep18 – Godspeed Review

This episode picks up with everyone reeling from the discovery that Nora has been working with Eobard Thawne. Ralph’s decision to find out the truth by reading her diary means we get thrown back to the future and see how Nora ended up coming back to find her Dad. I really liked that we’ve finally got to see Nora in the comfort of her own timeline. We also get to meet her best friend, Lia, who I loved. She’s like Cisco and Caitlin all rolled into one. She’d make a great sidekick for XS.

In a time where it’s believed that all speedsters have disappeared, Nora’s work leads her to meeting the God of speed, Godspeed. Just to add to an already great cast, Godspeed is played by the flipping awesome BD Wong. I hope that Godspeed shows up again as he really played a classic speedster villain – all powerful and all sinister. He strikes her with his lightning bolts and this is when she discovers that she’s a speedster too. Of course we know from a previous episode this isn’t true, and we see Nora find out that she’s had a power dampener planted in her and this is the beginning of the downfall of her relationship with Iris. She manages to arrange a meeting with Eobard Thawne at Iron Heights so he can help her defeat Godspeed. Eventually he agrees and seeing him work her was completely nostalgic, taking you back to season 1 where Dr Wells taught Barry how to be The Flash.

Nora is charming in this episode. She’s giddy and excitable, or excessive as her friend, Lia, labels her. She’s eventually let out of her cell by Iris and faces her family and friends. You genuinely feel bad for her, and I’d say that they do too. All apart from Barry. Barry is ANGRY and he shows her no mercy. I was actually shocked by his actions and felt my heart break a little for Nora. The end of the episode is very good!!!

A huge congratulations to Danielle Panabaker who directed this episode. What a great job she did – I’m sure this will lead to her sitting in the directors chair more often.

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