Supergirl – S4 Ep18 – Crime and Punishment Review

In this action packed episode, Supergirl teams up with Lena to clear her name following Lex’s latest scheme! Meanwhile, Lockwood seizes weapons from the DEO in order to bring down Supergirl.

It has been one day since “Supergirl’s” attack on the White House and the fallout is severe. President Baker enacts martial law and issues a curfew for all citizens. He decrees that humans caught outside past curfew will be fined, but aliens will be dealt with by any means necessary. Supergirl, Alex, and Lena watch in horror and begin to formulate a plan to clear her name. Supergirl hears someone in trouble and goes to save them. However, when she does, she is met with several people who try to arrest her and later shoot her. Once the man is safe, Supergirl rejoins Alex and Lena to discuss further what to do. Lena suggests they go to Stryker’s Prison to investigate what Lex left behind.

The duo arrive at Stryker’s and first encounter the warden, who feigns ignorance concerning Lex’s whereabouts and dealings. Lena is able to get him to talk and ultimately let them into Lex’s old cell. On the way to the cell, the other prisoners taunt Supergirl about the news and more. They make it to the cell and begin digging around in his things. Lena tells Supergirl that, when they were kids, her and Lex would hide messages for each other in chess pieces. Lena discovers one that disturbs her (a picture of the young man who served as Lena’s first human test subject for the Harun-el), but doesn’t tell Supergirl what it is. The two then decide to dig through Lex’s diaries that he left behind.

Back at the DEO, Secretary Lockwood storms in and demands weapons with which to combat Supergirl. Colonel Haley ultimately acquiesces, though both her and Alex both believe Supergirl to be innocent. Haley forces her to hand over the signal watch, which Lockwood wants to use to summon Supergirl to her death. Alex, being clever, tells Haley that you must press it twice in order to call her. However, pushing it twice tells her to stay away. This blatant overstep by Lockwood worries Brainy as he begins to think about the possibility of more aliens being targeted once Supergirl is gone. He decides he must erase the registry there at the DEO in order to prevent Lockwood getting access to it.

Meanwhile, Kelly takes a somewhat reluctant James to a renowned therapist to treat his PTSD. He opens up about the stress of being Guardian and how he feels that because he protects people, he shouldn’t need help. The therapist teaches him a calming technique which begins to work, but he starts to freak out and his veins start to exhibit similarities to powered Lex. Elsewhere, Alex meets with Kelly to discuss James and Haley. Kelly offers her some great advice concerning the Haley situation: you can’t change people, so you should appeal to what they care about most.

At Stryker’s, Lena and Supergirl continue to browse through Lex’s stuff. Lena reads through Lex’s diaries which contain, in his eyes, Lena’s every mistake and inadequacy. One of Lex’s cell  neighbors notices them and Supergirl goes to question him. This man, Steve Lomelli (guest star Willie Garson), was locked up for stealing classified DOD information regarding unlawful drone warfare. He is antagonistic toward her claiming she is a terribly narcissistic. He tells her: “Everything you touch, you ruin.”

Meanwhile, Brainy, being as clandestine as possible, sneaks into the hub where the registry is kept. He almost deletes it, but realizes that there is a 50/50 chance that deleting it will cause similar problems if discovered. He freaks out and rushes to CatCo to find Nia. He asks her to dream the future to determine what he does concerning the registry in order to help him decide what to do. She initially refuses, but then pretends that she sees him destroy it in the future. This causes Brainy to freak out more revealing that his gut tells him to destroy it. Nia tells him to trust his gut.

Back at the DEO, Alex tries to get through to Haley, but fails. She attempts to convince the colonel that follow an immoral order makes her complicit and how that would disappoint her daughter. “Leave my daughter out of this,” snaps Haley. She angrily warns her not to push her luck any further. Haley also reveals that she knew that Alex lied about the signal beacon as well.

Back at Stryker’s, Otis Graves arrives and immediately takes control of the prison, killing the warden. He releases the prisoners and tells them to find and bring Supergirl to him in order to win their freedom for life. Supergirl sets out to fight them off, but receives a kryptonite shield from Lena before leaving. Lena remains in the cell as she continues to read her brother’s journals. Supergirl easily defeats the prisoners, but Otis, suped up with double the Metallo powers, attacks her. After a brutal fight, the kryptonite shield is destroyed and Supergirl, weakened by the substance, is forced to improvise. She quickly assumes her civilian identity. Otis finds her behind some bookcases and asks her why she is in the men’s ward. She tells him that she’s a reporter and she was interviewing someone for a story when the riot erupted. Otis asks if she has seen Supergirl and Kara points him in the opposite direction. Once Otis is gone, Kara stands by a window to recharge and then bumps into Steve, who is excited to meet the popular Kara Danvers.He asks why she is here. Kara tells him that she is doing a story on Lex Luthor. This immediately peaks the interest of the fellow news person and he offers his assistance. Outside, the National Guard arrive and prepare to storm the prison if Supergirl does not give herself up to them. Kara quickly changes back to Supergirl, without anyone noticing, and saves the prisoners via a thunder clap. She runs back to Lex’s cell where she find Lena has discovered a hidden passage and laboratory that houses Amertek tech and more. Before they women can explore the lab further, Otis, at the instruction of Lex via phone, steps into the center of the cell and explodes. The duo escape the blast and regroup.

Back at the DEO, Lockwood arrives with proper authority and gathers the weapons for his men. He orders Colonel Haley to call Supergirl, but she presses twice warning her to stay away. Lockwood is furious that Supergirl cannot be reached and leaves with the weapons. Alex is glad to see that she did the right thing. Haley tells her that she did it for her daughter who is scared due to the martial law and its effect on her alien teacher.

Elsewhere, Nia has a dream of Agent Liberty and his followers forcefully removing Brainy from his post at the DEO. She calls him to warn him of this impending doom. Brainy informs her that he indeed removed the registry from the database there, but made a copy of it which is now stored in his brain.

While this craziness occured, James experienced another PTSD like episode, but this time his powers seemed to manifest themselves as he crushed part of a nearby lamp. He later calls his sister to tell her of his newfound powers.

Alex, Lena, and Supergirl reconvene and discuss their next moves. With the public now blaming her for the prison incident, Supergirl feels there may have been some truth to what Steve said about her doing more harm than good. She decides to lay low for now until they can fix things.

Elsewhere, Lockwood meets with the President, who authorizes the deputizing of all of the Children of Liberty. Eve Teschmacher stands over a newly rebuilt Otis and apologizes for his death and that this wasn’t the first time he’s been put back together!

Kara travels back to Stryker’s where she meets with Steve, who gives her a flash drive containing all of the information from Lex’s secret lab. He is delighted to help her to take him down. He says: “The pen is mightier than the sword.” Kara replies, “Maybe even a cape.”

Another highly enjoyable episode of Supergirl this was! The action was top notch as usual as was the storylines overall. I really enjoyed seeing Lena and Supergirl team up and investigate Lex together. I must give props to the writers and actresses for portraying a realistic female friend relationship on this show. They are not without their struggles, but they work things out in a respectable manner and become strongest friends as a result. I also think that the villains of this season are bringing out the best in our heroes. Even the comical Otis Graves is a great foil for both Kara and Lena. I found his pop culture references (ie. “Here’s Otis!!!!!!!!”) hilarious this episode. “Crime and Punishment” is a fitting title for this episode which deals with the fallout of “Supergirl’s” attack on the White House. Kara suffers the punishment for a crime she did not commit which is heartbreaking to watch. Now, it seems that even if she is doing good, the people spin it in a negative way. It will be interesting to see what happens now that Kara has decided Supergirl has to stay low as it looks like Dreamer will step up to defend the city in her stead. I also would be remiss not to mention the reveal that James does in fact have powers now!! This will be interesting going forward as well.

Stay tuned for more reviews here at Earth-9 and come back next week for another Supergirl recap & review!

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