The Flash 90s – Ep3 – Watching The Detectives Review

Before I start just remember that Castillo is the D.A and Simonson is the Mobster. Not that any of you fine readers would mix the names up I mean only a fool (not me I swear) would do that.
This episode starts off hot, a little too hot for some. A fire ravages a building on the waterfront, the third fire in the last three weeks. A private investigator Megan Lockhart is filming the scene. She has been hired to find out the identity of The Flash. She thought it might have been a fireman on the scene but when The Flash shows up to save two kids trapped in the building she crosses the fireman off her suspect list. Megan is not too disheartened though as she has one more name on her list, Barry Allen.

Mobster Arthur Simonson leaves court a free man as Lt. Garfield argues with the District Attorney Thomas Castillo about how Simonson got let off again. Castillo vows to nail Simonson with or without the police’s help.

Castillo visits Simonson and we find out they are working together and Simonson has looked after Castillo since law school. It’s a you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours kind of deal. Simonson has hired an arsonist to torch the buildings on the waterfront so it will be cheaper to buy property there and set up a casino empire.

Barry and Julio interview a local resident on the waterfront about the fire. She believes the fires are deliberate and Barry has a hunch that she is right. After the interview Julio gets Barry to go on a blind date. As they are chatting neither one notices that they are being followed by Megan.

That night Barry is waiting for his date in a club still unaware that he is being watched. He notices Megan after she beats up a guy trying to hit on her. Barry offers to arrest him, Megan says it’s ok and leaves the club. Barry tries to follow her but is stop by Julio, his girlfriend Sabrina and Barry’s date. Unfortunately for Barry the date did not go well.

Megan arrives at her office to find Castillo; he is the one who hired her to find out who The Flash is. She tells him she has it narrowed down to one guy but she won’t tell him who it is until she is 100% sure.

Barry’s hunch was right the fires were arson. He finds a local conman named Fosnight who will get him some information on the fires.

While researching some footage Megan discovers the S.T.A.R. Labs van at most of The Flash sightings so she gets a job there as an intern secretary for Tina. Finally Tina appears in this episode, it’s only been like 17 minutes and 15 seconds before we see her. She name drops Dr Carter Hall (Hawkman) which was a nice Easter egg. After Tina leaves the lab Megan tries to break into Tina’s personal files but she cannot without a retinal scan.

Wow Megan is a busy person. Now she is in Barry’s apartment setting up a hidden camera. When Barry’s gets there she pretends to be the cable lady. Barry recognises her from the club instantly. He tries to ask her out but she shoots him down. After she leaves Barry gets a call from Fosnight who has seen a notorious arsonist on the waterfront by pier 23. Barry rushes of to find him. All he finds is a bomb which he quickly disposes of.

Thanks to the hidden camera and Barry rushing off to stop the arsonist Megan has the footage she needed to confirm that Barry is The Flash. She calls Castillo straight away. Castillo wakes Barry up at 3am and cuts to the chase he knows Barry is The Flash and wants to control The Flash. He threatens to reveal The Flash’s secret identity to the media if Barry doesn’t work for him. Barry knows he does not have a choice. Barry finds the hidden camera and figures out that Megan put it there.

Barry agrees to work for Castillo and his first job is to take down Simonson and the other mobsters at the casino. Looks like Castillo doesn’t need Simonson’s “help” anymore. Barry uses his speed to fix various games and wins a lot of money (If I didn’t know any better I’d say Barry was enjoying himself). Simonson tells Barry to quit while he is ahead or else. As Barry is leaving he fixes all the games in the casino so everyone wins. This puts Simonson out by $270000. Castillo arrives and tells Simonson that both he and The Flash work for him now.

Barry finds Megan and reads her the riot act. I got the impression Megan feels bad for what she has done but she does it because its work and she has to pay the bills like everyone else.

With the D.A election coming up Castillo wants Barry to get him a list of his opponent’s campaign contributors and any other dirt he can dig up on them. Instead Barry puts up campaign poster for one of them a Paul Van Duzer. Meanwhile Megan is in Castillo’s office trying to dig up some dirt on him, she finds out he is working with Simonson. She then overhears some of Castillo’s goons, they have been ordered to kill both Megan and Tina.

Megan gets to S.T.A.R. Labs just in time to save Tina from the goons. They meet Barry at his Lab. He figured out why Simonson was burning down the buildings on the waterfront and now Barry wants to put a spanner in the works. The Flash finds the arsonist and gets a confession out of him.

Megan records evidence of Simonson’s and Castillo‘s arrangement. But she is captured and is about to be shot. Luckily for her The Flash saves her and puts Simonson and his men down. The Flash then turns his attention to Castillo who tells The Flash that he would have to kill him to stop him. Thankfully The Flash doesn’t have to as Simonson booby-trapped Castillo’s car and it explodes with him inside. Hey Barry your problem is solved.

Megan promises to not blow Barry’s cover and she gives Barry all her evidence on him. Barry mentions that he was going to ask her out. They kiss but Megan says to Barry that’s all for now as she is not that kind of girl. Barry replies it’s never too late to start and she slaps him.

I was surprised that did the whole “someone finds out who The Flash is ” so early in the season. I would of saved that for at least episode 15. But it was still a fun episode even with only a few scenes with Tina McGee. Megan Lockheart was a great character she was likable even though she did some bad things. I could see her point of view to be honest.

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