IZombie – S5 Ep1 – Thug Death Review

The 5th and final season of IZombie begins!

I love this show its been super fun from the start, things however have changed a lot, what started of as almost a procedural cop show with a zombie has become something darker if you can really get darker than a show already about eating brains?

The walling off of Seattle and the lack of fresh brains has the city on the brink, human zombie relations are tenuous to say the least and a viral video of a human being attacked by zombies has done nothing to help the cause.

This episode has elements of the funner? Times with Ravi (Rahul Kohli) giving us our comedic relief after he ingests the brain of ‘Thumb Breaker’ Barnes and goes full on aggro cockney, it’s awesome and he absolutely owns it.

But with Liv now Renegade, Major the head of Filmore Graves and Peyton filling in for Mayor, the happy go lucky days of solving murders by eating brains and taking on fun personalities are gone and we are left with a city on the brink and our characters doing everything they can to help, while Blaine is still constantly making it difficult.
While this show feels very different now 5 seasons in than back in season 1 I think its for the better, there is real purpose for the characters and a greater overall story that’s not just focused on one person but an entire city and how humans and zombies co-exist if indeed that’s possible!!

This episode gave me everything I enjoy from this show, comedy, heart and tension. While I’m looking forward to the rest of it, I really don’t want this show to finish, I guess once it’s over I’ll just start back from the beginning and watch it all again 😊

Bring on Ep 2!

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