Arrow – S7 Ep21 – Living Proof Review

Picking right up from where we left off last week, Oliver is trapped. And delirious. Whilst he’s unconscious the voice inside his head takes the form of Tommy Merlyn. Yes people … this means Colin Donnell returns to our screens this week. A little beardier but the same Tommy we all loved and it’s fantastic. We’re truly being spoilt as this season wraps up with his cameo as well as Colton Haynes’ return last week.

Oliver is clearly going back and forth in his mind over the best course of action to take with Emiko and Tommy acts as his more rational side. They reminisce, they argue and they smile and most of all it’s so great seeing these two best friends share another moment. The biggest travesty of Arrow is that Tommy was taken too soon. For the purpose of story development it made sense as Thea got to know her real father, but still! Tommy was great.

While Oliver battles his demons the rest of the team regroup and try to find their way out. Felicity’s voice eventually breaks back into their ears and after her visit from SCPD, she informs them of what Emiko has done. They’re all in the shit now. Roy feels the weight of the world on his shoulders in this episode. He feels such guilt over his actions which have lead everyone to cover for him. He makes some very dangerous choices and although he gets to show off some amazing Arsenal skills, they put him in a very vulnerable position. Baring in mind that he barely knows her at this point, it’s Dinah who picks him back up as she reminds him the world is better place because it has a hero like him. Yes it is, Roy!

Felicity makes a big mistake when coming face to face with Emiko by revealing her pregnancy while begging not to be killed. It’s clear that Emiko is going to use this against Oliver as his family is his one true weakness. Oliver has a horrific vision in his unconscious which left me on the verge of a panic. Big sigh of relief when he wakes up and is rescued by the others. In the future, William has found himself in a spot of bother amidst his frustration with Felicity and an old friend shows up who is responsible for the state of things now.

It’s the season finale next week and I can’t call what happens. Emiko is unshakeable and it doesn’t seem like Oliver is going to be able to appeal to her better nature. There’s still so much to happen, how are they going to fit it all in one episode? I can’t wait to see it!

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