The Flash 90s – Ep4 – Honor Among Thieves Review

Three mysterious men are driving towards Central City; they are stopped by a police roadblock. One of the police officers asks to see inside their trunk but he is shot by one of the men who then blows up a police car with a bazooka. Whoever these men are they are nothing but trouble. I wonder who will be able to stop them?

We find out that various criminals are descending on Central City to steal an extremely valuable artefact, The Death Mask of Rasputin which is going on display at the museum. The curator of the museum (Ted Preminger) is working with the police to protect the mask. Without the mask the museum will go out of business. Barry volunteers to work at the museum to keep an eye on things. He then has an awkward conversation with Preminger.

Later that night Barry visits Tina as he needs to talk to someone. Barry hasn’t slept for three days, he was nervous of meeting Preminger again. Preminger was a Professor of Archaeology who Barry studied under. He became a mentor and a father figure to Barry. But when Barry changed his major from Archaeology to Police Science Preminger didn’t speak to Barry for 10 years, until that very night. Tina assures Barry that he did nothing wrong and he should not be feeling guilty.

The Criminals break into S.T.A.R Labs and steal equipment that would make the robbery at the museum a lot easier. The Flash chases down Mortelli a getaway driver and Kovacs the ringleader of the heist. The Flash managers to stop Mortelli getting away thanks to the old duvet on the windshield trick. Kovacs escapes thanks to Tatting an elite cat burglar who stole the equipment.

The next day the mask arrives at the museum surrounded by nearly every cop in town. It’s put on display and Preminger shows them the gaze of Rasputin.

Kovacs and his collection of criminals are worried about their Flash problem so Kovacs enlists Bernhardt a Demolition Ace to take care of The Flash.

Barry is talking to another former student of Preminger; Celia Wayne (no relation). Celia is now the tour manager for the mask and managed to get the mask in Central City as a favour to Preminger.

The night shift (Bellows and Murphy) tell Barry that some nut job left a message for The Flash. The “nut job” wanted The Flash to meet him at a pool hall. The Flash arrives at the pool hall to find Bernhardt dead with a bomb around his neck. Kovacs at his hotel room sets off the bomb but The Flash escapes just in time. There is someone else in his hotel room and it’s a lady. Is it Tatting? Nope it’s Celia and she spends the night with Kovacs. I could be wrong but I think they might be working together.

Barry is trying to find out who else was in the car the night he captured Mortelli. Barry looks though a mountain of paperwork with no luck in finding his mystery man. Barry remembers Kovacs face, constructs a photo fit of it and finally gets a name to the face.

As soon as Barry tells the Federal Agent in charge of protecting the mask that Kovacs in town he decides to pull the exhibit right away. Celia is unhappy with Barry as she has less time to steal the mask for Kovacs. Barry has a heart to heart with Preminger and they bury the hatchet.

The criminals Kovacs hired start a crime wave across the city to distract the police force while Kovacs and Celia go after the mask. The Flash captures Kovacs’ team. Back at the museum The Flash stops Kovacs by trapping him in a tapestry with some spears. Celia tries to escape with the mask but she is stopped by a disappointed Preminger and captured by Barry.

With the criminals behind bars the mask gets to stay at the museum and Barry takes his nephew Shawn to see the museum, Shawn loves the swords and spears and Preminger is enjoying showing Shawn around. I think Shawn reminds him of Barry.

This was an action packed and fast paced episode of The Flash with some great set pieces and the best performance yet from John Wesley Shipp. The heart to heart scene with Preminger (played by Paul Linke) was particularly poignant as both men showed a sense of regret over the lost and wasted years due to their stubbornness. I recommend that scene to anyone who wants to see how good John is as an actor; thankfully John will continue to show this over and over again throughout the series.

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