IZombie – S5 Ep3 – Five, Six, Seven, Ate! Review

Well, where to start with this week’s ep, I guess we should start with the fact that I absolutely loved it, it was everything iZombie has been through all 5 seasons, funny with tons of heart

Now there are a few storylines running through the ep but the main one was the absolute best, there’s been a murder at a dance studio so what better way to track the killer than Liv eating the brains of a dancer to go undercover, but she’ll need a partner……..oh Ravi you absolute legend you.

Few things make me happier than a montage in a show and a montage of Ravi learning to dance tops them all, him, Liv and Clive all dancing together makes the episode, you can only imagine the fun that was had on set that day! Learning to dance while solving a murder shouldn’t work, it just shouldn’t but it does and it works on so many levels. Also we must take a moment to appreciate Ravi’s dance outfit at the end, that man is fire!

This episode was fun, it hearkened back to earlier seasons but it also added some twists with Clive and a certain ex-girlfriend and the continuing zombie/human issues, but overall it was just super fun, this cast bring the heart to this show and you can see how much they love it, I’ll miss it when it’s gone that’s for sure, but for now I’m just going to enjoy each and every episode.

P.s the puns in this weeks episode are superb, from the title of the ep to all the mini chapters, just superb.

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