Supergirl – S4 Ep22 – The Quest For Peace Review

It’s the season finale!! Supergirl and her allies take on Lex Luthor in order to save the planet.

This explosive and exciting finale opens with a series of scenes detailing Lex’s activities over the twenty-four hours preceding his “heroic” act of thwarting the Kaznian Invasion. Following Kara’s escape from Red Daughter, the latter goes to Lex and receives a photo of Eliza Danvers. Lex instructs her to finish what they started. Six hours prior to the invasion, Lex and Eve put aliens in pods to siphon their powers to fuel a new and improved claymore device. They realize that Otis is dead by Lockwood’s hand which prompts Lex to order his assassination. Before parting ways, Eve and Lex share a kiss. One hour before the invasion, Lex meets with President Baker in the Oval Office. Lex and Baker discuss the plan which goes as far back as getting Baker elected as Vice President.

As Supergirl and Red Daughter fight (as seen in last week’s episode), Lex is busy flying around in exosuit destroying Kaznian planes and forces. Red Daughter realizes she has been betrayed and finds Lex. Furious, she demands to know why. Lex, with no more use for her, blasts her.

In present day, in Midvale, Kara, Alex, and their mother discuss Lex, Red Daughter, and the current situation. Kara remains dedicated to taking Lex down. She says she will not let fear win!

Meanwhile, it is revealed that Red Daughter is still alive and being put into a pod by Lex. She demands to know why he betrayed her. Lex’s reason is simple: he hates Kryptonians.

At Lockwood Steel, Ben stumbles in clearly suffering from another harun-el episode. He watches the news which is broadcasting another Presidential address. The President announces that he is replacing Lockwood as Secretary of Alien Affairs with none other than Lex Luthor. The anger pushes him to inject himself with another dose of the harun-el serum. Several Eve bots appear to assassinate him, but he quickly takes them out.

In the Shelley Island facility, J’onn and Nia (who both express frustration with Brainy), are being prepared to enter the pods.Their alien friends from the bar are also there. The group decides to plan a diversion so that Nia and J’onn can alert Brainy to their location.

Meanwhile, at L Corp, Lena, Alex, and Brainy discuss Lex’s machinations. Kara’s evidence was wiped from CatCo’s servers, but luckily Brainy had a copy stored in his memory. Brainy, still  cold and emotionless, tells the team about his plan involving Dreamer and J’onn which worries the them. In the middle of their conversation, Lena gets an invitation from Lex to join at the White House to celebrate his appointment as Secretary of Alien Affairs.

At the White House, the Luthor family are reunited for the first time in years as Lillian is also in attendance. Lex reveals to his family that he finally has cleared their name and put the family in their rightful place in history. He has discovered a viable energy source that will revolutionize the entire energy field: alien powers. His plans go further however as he also wants to use the energy to power a claymore in deep space that is targeted to destroy Argo and thus Superman. This irritates Eve, who asks to speak with him alone. While the two argue over Lex’s obsession with Superman, Lena and Lillian both agree in their disapproval of Lex’s actions. Lillian even went  as far as attempting to poison him with his tea which he unfortunately discovers.

Back at the Shelley Island Facility, the aliens led by J’onn and Dreamer start a riot. The duo sneak off to the core where Dreamer is able to project herself their allies. She is able to inform them of her current location. Brainy, Supergirl, Alex, and James arrive, but run into an angry and determined Ben Lockwood and a squad of Liberty agents. Brainy goes to core and finds J’onn and Dreamer, while the others take on Lockwood and his goons. After Brainy can’t hack into the claymore system computer, J’onn takes it upon himself to overload the system using his psychic abilities, which according to Brainy, could kill him. Dreamer joins him in overloading it. Her actions prompt Brainy to glitch and revert back to normal. He realizes that it is working and they will be successful so he decides to cheer them on. He also tells Nia that he loves her (finally!). They are successful which prompts Lex to leave the White House in a rush. Lena and Lillian take the opportunity to remove the guards and escape.

Meanwhile, the Superfriends successfully beat down Lockwood and his team. Lockwood and James end up injecting each other with the cure during the fight. The latter suffers an eye injury in the process. Lex arrives and Supergirl engages him in a fierce one on one duel. Kara uses the exosuit that Lena created for her in order to repel the Kryptonite blasts from Luthor’s gauntlets. It does however, begin to fail and as Lex goes to deliver a fatal blow, Red Daughter pushes her out of the way. The clone apologizes for not realizing Lex’s true intentions. “My Alex is not like your Alex,” she says before she dies. Red Daughter then turns into purple vapor which is absorbed by Kara giving her added abilities. Lex and Supergirl battle once more with the latter blasting him with purple hued laser vision. This sends him falling to Earth, but Supergirl catches him. He struggles and ultimately lets go saying: “I’d rather die than be saved by a Kryptonian.” He plummets to Earth and manages to survive and sneak off to a room in the facility where he confronted by Lena. She injects him with the harun-el remover. She pulls a gun on him and shoots him after he says she isn’t ruthless enough to do it. Before he dies, Lex torments his sister one last time by revealing to her via video that Kara Danvers is in fact Supergirl. He tells her that her friends knew all along and lied to her. Lena is stunned and crushed.

In the aftermath, Baker and Lockwood are arrested and Haley (the new interim Secretary for Alien Affairs) addresses the nation and thanks Supergirl for her service. The new president reinstates the Alien Amnesty Act and lifts martial law as well. The Superfriends gather at  J’onn’s for game night which sees two new couples form ( Nia & Brainy and Alex & Kelly). Lena arrives and though it is a bit awkward, she teams up with Kara for the next game. In private, Kara and Alex discuss telling Lena her secret. Alex advises her not too as Lena has already gone through a lot today.

This crazy finale ends with several teases for next season and beyond. The first of which involves and old woman greeting a disguised Eve. It is revealed that Eve was really working for Leviathan. The old woman says that Lex didn’t move the needles as he was supposed to so Eve is still needed to work. “Leviathan is everywhere. Leviathan is everyone. Leviathan is coming,” the old woman says. Second, the Monitor appears coming greeting a hooded figure, who emerges from a portal. The hooded figure is revealed to be a green martian, who has been a phantom to his people for too long. He has been brought here to enact revenge on his brother  who wronged him, J’onn J’onzz! Third, Lena is seen in her office smashing a picture of her and the Danvers sisters with a drinking glass which teases a likely villain turn for her. Lastly, the Monitor appears again, this time in the room where Lex’s dead body still sits. He then raises a hand as energy swirls around it.

This finale was fantastic! Well shot, well written, and well produced. Great visuals and fight choreography as well. Everyone involved in this episode and the season overall has done a stellar job. I really enjoyed the way the story of this season wrapped up. Jon Cryer was incredible as Lex once again and his “end” was handled very well. Also, Lena finding out that Kara is Supergirl in the way she did will surely turn her into a true villain for next season. I am definitely looking forward to that if it indeed happens. Speaking of next season, I was glad to see the Monitor appear and tease more Crisis elements. This new martian is sure to bring an interesting element to the show and possibly the crossover as well. Overall, this was an incredible finale. A truly worthy conclusion to my favourite season of Supergirl so far!

Thanks for following me on this journey for this season! Be sure to join me again in the fall for  recaps & reviews of Season 5 of Supergirl right here on Earth-9!

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