The Flash 90s – Ep5 – Double Vision Review

Sí Sí Sí The Day of the Dead Festival has begun in the Spanish Hill section of Central City, Barry and Tina are joining in with the celebrations by enjoying a meal in a Mexican restaurant. The owner (Mr Tomarquin) and his family have another reason to celebrate as it’s the one year anniversary of them becoming US citizens.

Barry and Tina are supposed to go to the theatre after their meal but Barry has something to do first. He sends Tina off to the theatre in a cab and promises her he will be there before the play starts. I can’t believe he would do that to poor Tina. I know I wouldn’t.

After the cab pulls away Barry grabs a letter address to The Flash from his pocket which he took from the police station. The letter tells him to go to the church on Ascension Street at 8pm. Barry meets some local youths outside the church including Paloma the niece of Mr Tomarquin. He asks them about some graffiti in the area which is asking The Flash for help. They know nothing. Suddenly the bell in the church rings and Barry goes inside.

Inside Barry has changed into his Flash costume. He finds a man with a gun sneaking around the church. Alas he didn’t see the man who shot him in the neck with a tranquilizer dart and he passes out. It appears that these men left the graffiti and letter to lure The Flash to them.

The next morning Barry wakes up in his own bed. Tina is ringing his door bell and banging on the door. She asks why he didn’t arrive at the theatre the night before, Barry cannot remember. Tina is concerned by this and asks Barry to take it easy. Julio calls Barry and tells him to meet him at the church.

The church has been defaced with graffiti and a message which reads We Want Him Now. The statues that were inside the church are now outside with bags on their heads. Lt. Garfield introduces them to Father Becerra who witnessed what happened. He claims at 3am the doors of the church flew open and he was surrounded by the Saints then a burst of wind lifted him off his feet and knocked him over. Outside Barry and Julio ask the locals if they saw anything. The Santero a medicine man believes it to be the work of Chango a spirit in human form. He say beware of the scarlet lightning. Scarlet lightning? That sounds familiar.

A news flash reports the Testimony of D.E.A Bureau Chief Peter Paul Aguilar will bring down a major Narcotics ring and drug lord Reuben Calderon. Calderon has hired Marcos Trachman to kidnap Aguilar’s daughter so he won’t testify. Only problem is they know nothing about her. Oh and that Trachman guy is the one who shot The Flash with a dart and now he controls The Flash. He is using The Flash to scare the locals into giving the girl up. Trachman controls The Flash with advanced microscopic devices, a VR headset and a gauntlet which looks a bit like the Nintendo power glove.

Barry sits down for a sandwich at 3:15pm he suddenly has a vision of the Santero chanting Chango Chango and screaming. Barry wakes up in his chair but its 12:03am. He finds beads on the floor of his apartment.

At S.T.A.R Labs Tina tests Barry’s brain to try and figure out why he is having blackouts. She discovers that the hemispheres of his brain are not communicating with each other. She also notices something that looks like an insect bite on the back of Barry’s neck.

Barry is called to the Santero’s shop which has been vandalised. Barry finds the same beads that he found at his apartment. Barry asks Paloma is she knows anything but the Santero tries to hand her something to protect her from Chango but he scares her off. Barry chases after her and asks her to lunch.

Thanks to Trachman’s headset he could see everything Barry sees and works out that Paloma is the girl they are looking for.

At lunch Paloma tells Barry the truth, about her father testifying against Calderon and she was sent to stay with her Aunt and Uncle so she would be safe. Barry takes Paloma to S.T.A.R. Labs so Tina can look after her.

Trachman takes control of The Flash again he runs over to S.T.A.R. Labs knocks Tina out and takes Paloma. A few hours later Barry returns to the lab and Tina shows him video footage of The Flash taking Paloma. Tina explains to Barry that a microwave receiver was injected into him when he was shot in the church. That’s how he is being controlled. If they try to remove it Barry could die. She Tina is going to try and figure out a way to turn it off.

The Flash tracks down some of Calderon’s stooges and they lead him to his hideout. The Flash finds Paloma but before he can free her Trachman stops him and makes him stand in front of an eighteen wheeler as it speeds towards him. The Flash can’t move but just before he is hit Tina managed to block the signal to the receiver in his brain and he runs away.

Aguilar agrees to not testify as long as he gets his daughter back safe. He arranges to get her back at the Day of the Dead festival. As Paloma is being lead over to her father she pulls a gun on him she is also under Trachman’s “spell” she fires the gun. The Flash arrives just in time to catch the bullets before it reaches Aguilar. Trachman forces The Flash to bring Aguilar to him and Calderon. Before they can kill Aguilar we hear an electrical buzz and The Flash is now immune to Trachman and his Nintendo power glove. The Flash electrocutes Trachman with the help of a junction box (he didn’t kill him, he just gave him brain damage) and Aguilar beats up Calderon easily. Tina manages to fry the receivers in Barry and Paloma’s brains.

Aguilar testifies against Calderon. Calderon also gives a 3 hour confession which brings down his empire. Aguilar his family, Tina and Barry celebrate together. Aguilar thanks The Flash even though he is not there (wink). The Santeto gives Barry a gift, a live potion in fact. Tina asked Barry what he was going to do with it. I think Tina is hinting at something. Barry says it would be rude to waste it and puts it in his pocket for safe keeping.

Another good episode which was helped by the setting and the theme. Even though they were still in Central City it was nice to see a previously unseen part of it. I enjoyed seeing the Mexican culture and found the Day of the Dead Festival to be an amazing backdrop to the final fight scene of the episode.

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