Batman: TAS – S1 – Christmas With The Joker Review

Ho Ho Ho you’ll never guess where the happiest place in Gotham is on Christmas Eve. Is it in the city centre by the big Christmas tree? Nope, is it at the Gotham City ice rink? No chance. The answer is Arkham Asylum of course. The inmates are singing jingle bells but one particular inmate is singing his own version. “Jingle Bells, Batman Smells, Robin Laid An Egg, The Batmobile Lost A Wheel And The Joker Got Away” it’s The Joker and as he sings his song he climbs a giant Christmas tree which turns into a rocket and flies The Joker to his freedom. Now that’s one hell of a way to start an episode.

In the Batcave Robin is trying to get Batman into the Christmas spirit but all Batman is concerned about is The Jokers escape from Arkham. Robin makes a deal with Batman, if they go on patrol and find no sign of The Joker Batman will have to watch Its a Wonderful Life with Robin. Batman notes that he has never seen that movie as the title puts him off.

As Robin expected Gotham is all quiet with no sign of The Joker or any crime at all. Back at Wayne Manor Dick and Bruce eat Christmas dinner and go to watch Its a Wonderful Life but it looks like that movie (and everything else on TV) has been replaced by Christmas with The Joker.

Batman and Robin use Gotham’s electrical mainframe to try and trace where The Joker is broadcasting from. They narrow it down to the observatory on Mount Gotham. But before they get there The Joker has a surprise for them, he has kidnapped Commissioner Gordon, Talk show host and reporter Summer Gleeson and Detective Bullock, if Batman can’t find them by Midnight The Joker will kill them. Oh and The Joker has his henchmen blow up a bridge for a laugh. Batman and Robin divert to the destroyed bridge as a train is due to go over it shortly. Robin uncouples the passenger cars and Batman saves the engineer just before the engine crashes to the ground below.

Batman and Robin finally make it to the observatory; they find a radar antenna and a very large present. A giant Jack in the box jumps out of the present and before they know it the telescope in the observatory starts shooting at them. Batman draws its fire while Robin manages to get inside the observatory. Robin throws an explosive and the telescope and it blows up.

Batman has run out of ideas, The Joker was not at the observatory and he has no idea where he is. Only a miracle can save the hostages. Back at The Jokers secret location he asks Summer to open a present, inside is a Betty Blooper doll. Batman deduces that The Joker is at the old abandoned Laffco Toy Factory (the last place to make Betty Blooper dolls).

They reach the factory with minutes to spare but are attacked by giant nutcracker soldiers, Batman knocks the head off of one of them and Robin takes care of the other two. The Joker’s henchmen start shooting at them but Batman pulls a giant teddy bear on top of them. They find The Joker holding a present and a pair of scissors by a rope, at the other end of the rope we have the three hostages dangling over a vat of hot molten plastic. The Joker will cut the rope unless Batman opens the present. Batman does as The Joker asks and receives a custard pie to the face. Batman wipes the pie off his face and goes for The Joker but The Joker cuts the rope and runs off. Batman manages to jump over the vat and grab all three hostages just in time. The Joker trying to escape trips on a roller skate and falls towards the vat. Batman saves him by grabbing his leg . Batman wishes The Joker Merry Christmas and The Joker replies Bah Humbug.

After a job well done with the hostages saved and The Joker back in Arkham Dick and Bruce watch a taped copy of Its a Wonderful Life lent to them by Commissioner Gordon. Bruce actually enjoys it.

Wow what a fun episode. Being a big Christmas and Joker fan this was the perfect episode for me.

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