IZombie – S5 Ep4 – Dot Zom Review

So an interesting episode this week, on the surface your usual murder case with Liv eating the victims brains to catch glimpses of what ultimately led to their death, but scratching the surface this episode began to connect a lot of dots…

Liv is on genius brain this week and owning it, with the death of a CEO of a tech company, this must be the joy of joys for any actor to be able to come in each week and essentially play a different character every time. But this episode is more than just that, this CEO is connected to a something bigger.

Something is rotten in Filmore Graves and no i don’t just mean the soldiers, a new mystery man is on the scene with connections to some of our less than savoury soldiers within the group or should that be freezer?

Blaine is back yay!!! it feels like its been ages since we’ve seen him but he’s here doing only what Blaine does best, trying to be the smoothest zombie alive……this week he is being interviewed for a magazine article and who does he love to talk about more than himself??

Peyton and Ravi are trying to get their play Hi Zombie together but its proving difficult to tread that comedy line to show people that humans and zombies can co-exist.

And finally at Renegade headquarters a plot has been uncovered that could spell the end to Zombie kind and there may be a bigger issue than what they already know…

This weeks Ep had a lot going on, lots of different individual parts but they are all interlinked and building to the bigger over arching story, still with some shocks and mysteries running through it. I genuinely don’t know where this show goes from here, we’re 4 Eps in with 9 to go can they wrap this up in a satisfying way? My faith in this show says yes but i dont know how that looks, the wall coming down with Zombies and Humans living in harmony, some how i don’t see it, so stick with me and find out where this crazy train is taking us over the rest of the series!

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