Constantine – S1 Ep5 – Danse Vaudou Review

We start our episode in New Orleans at a bar- a saxophone plays a version of ‘oh when the saints’. It fills the air as a young woman chats on her phone down an alleyway and off to the side, an intoxicated man pisses against the wall, flashing his police badge. The appearance of a mask woman changes everything. Very sinister and without apparent motive. And on this note our opening scene ends. This opening felt shorter than others, although I haven’t compared to check, but wow what a start. Constantine gets their openings right- it really hooks you in, filling you with intrigue. One thing I did notice in this episode that I haven’t really noticed before is the title sequence- it has so much detail that I will go back and watch again a few times to see it all.

John, Zed and Chas are all together again. I cannot quite get the feeling of how the trio work together, I feel we haven’t seen their full potential- especially Chas! (Later in the episode we see one of his ‘abilities’, and it is a rather useful one- you can see why he helps John!) But as a trio I am not sure, but what I am sure of is that there is still tension between John and Zed. Back to the episode- we do find out that Zed has a psychic connection to the map, which is seen by a droplet forming on its own at the place they need to be.

Back to New Orleans and we are introduced to another one of Constantine’s gadgets- a watch that can show the presence of spirits! We are introduced to Detective Jim Corrigan who happens to be the cop in charge of this investigation and also happens to be the cop who was pissing up an alley way and saw the masked woman. Constantine’s conduct with others can be very dicey at times, and this shows with Corrigan.

We cut to a scene of an older man picking up a young hitchhiker called Phillip. The creepy old man ends up ploughing into a tree after Phillip suddenly disappears from the seat beside him and appears all bloody in front of the car.
However, as Zed had a vision of this area, they are one of the first at the crash site and Corrigan ends up arresting John. Zed is getting stronger and this is when it really hits home. There is a lot of potential surrounding what she can do- which will make for a very interesting character arc.

As John is arrested, Zed and Chas separately investigate what I will call ‘scissor stabby lady’ and ‘bloody boy’. Few things we know after their separate investigations- Chas heals exceptionally well and Zed is/was classed as a missing person, which only adds to the mystery of her background. The missing link comes in the form of Papa Midnite, who’s character I very much am beginning to like. Something is wrong with Papa’s magic and they need to heal it, alongside letting the dead rest in peace. Guilt powers the way and the souls are eventually laid to rest.

Harrowing words end the episode from Papa Midnite to John- ‘All of your efforts are in vain. The darkness is coming. Heralded by someone close to you. Someone will betray you’.

This episode, in my opinion, was very interesting. It has given us glimpses into the future and what they may explore as a ‘B Story’ plot line such as Detective Corrigan, Zed’s background’ or even Papa Midnite’s character. As mentioned I would like to see more trio work, and more of Chas. Ideally I’d like John and Zed to continue to tease us with their sexual tension! Every episode is of a good standard, each episode is so different from the last but there is just a ‘Constantine feeling’ that generates through them all.