IZombie – S5 Ep6 – The Scratchmaker Review

I do enjoy episodes like this when they mix things up, Liv, Ravi and Clive take the backseat this week and forward steps Blaine and Don E…

After the story is run about Blaine’s involvement in the murder of the mayor and the murder of well just countless people at this point we start the episode with Blaine in jail, which at first i was very happy about but the ramifications of the man behind the brain trade behind bars, things are not sunny in Seattle. Without Blaine’s constant supply of brains Seattle only has 48hrs worth of brains left and whats gonna happen to all those humans when the zombies are out of brains……

So i figured this actually may be how the show ends, brain supply cut off so zombies revert to form (that of brain eating monsters) to try and stay somewhat ‘human’ for a little while and eat the rest of Seattle, until eventually those run out too and you have a walled off city of zombies, not the most fun of endings for a show, but fear not! For a new supply chain appears to be on the horizon!

But can Major keep everything together enough so that the government don’t just see them as a drain on brain resources and wipe out the city in its entirety? Where does the city go from here, can they replicate the cure that’s only found in young people suffering from Freylich Syndrome? Or will they dead forever walk the earth with some kind of brain synthetic? I actually don’t know but I’m really intrigued to find out bring on Ep7!

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