Krypton – S2 Ep1 – Light-Years From Home Review

I think it’s fair to say that Krypton was a surprise hit last year. With a great cast, great villains and a fantastic leading man with Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El, the story of Superman’s grandfather and uprising of their home planet really drew us all in and had us hooked.

Season two picks up six months from where season one left off and the show already seems bigger and better. General Zod is ruler and has plans to make Krypton magnificent enough to lead the galaxy. It’s clear to see that he’s already taken action as the planet looks much more progressive than last season and the class divide has been eradicated which implies the beginnings of the Krypton we are used to seeing. Colin Salmon commands the screen and already we’re given that classic conflict of a villainous character acting for what they believe is good.

Jax, Val and Nyssa (with Seg’s son in toe) all return and are heading The Resistance. Spending the past few months building allies they seem to be in a position of moving forward in putting an end to Zod’s rule. I like that this episode focused on a smaller group of main characters – at times it felt like there were ALOT of people in season one which made it harder to connect with them.

Seg has been trapped in the Phantom Zone, with most back home believing him to be dead. Visions he believed to be of his grandfather trying to help him get home turn out to be the manipulation of Brainiac. When the two end up on Brainiac’s homeworld of Colu, they are forced to work together so they can get home. I thought their interactions were fantastic and some scenes allowed us some Brainiac back story. The truce doesn’t last long which isn’t a very good time for the green guy. I hope we somehow see more of Brainiac this season.

Adam Strange was pivotal last season so I was happy to see him back on Krypton. He’s the one who finally finds Seg and seeing their friendship pick up again was the highlight of the episode for me. They have great on screen chemistry so I am hoping to see their bromance develop even more. They share moments of humour which are so natural you almost believe that some of their one liners are unscripted.

Lastly, I’ve been hyped to see Lobo and I’m really happy that even though brief, he makes an appearance right at the end. Emmett Scanlan is a fantastic actor and already I’m loving his portrayal of the interstellar bounty hunter. His presence really reminded me of Matt Ryan’s Constantine and I think he is going to make season two a very enjoyable watch.

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