Krypton – S2 Ep2 – The Ghost in the Fire Review

Let’s just cut to the chase … I love Lobo!

Emmett Scanlan is hilarious! We get so much Lobo in this episode as Seg and Adam awake to find themselves chained to a tree after being captured by him on Colu. I found myself giggling constantly at his fabulous one liners and elaborate mannerisms. He especially has some endearing pet names for Brainiac – Green Gooch and Douche Baguette to name a few. But amidst all the laughter he acts as a huge threat as his rage is never hidden for long. I also chuckled when Lobo purposely misheard Seg’s home planet’s name and begins to rip him apart for living on Crap Town.

Seg manages to prevent their deaths and Lobo isn’t short of a creative idea or two of how to kill them. He takes Lobo to Brainiac’s body but things take a very different path when they all realise that Brainiac is in fact living inside Seg. They say that they eyes are the window to the soul and that’s never been truer than in this episode. As Seg’s eyes turn darker and darker in resemblance to those of Brainiac they indicate him taking over Seg’s body. Adam is backed into a corner and makes a promise I doubt he will be able to keep. Once again, Cameron and Shaun act as a brilliant double act on screen as Seg and Adam. They may be from different planets and different times but they are definitely kindred spirits – brothers from different mothers!

On planet Wegthor, we see Val-El and Jax leading the resistance and the beginnings of them putting their plans into action. There’s a spanner in the works though as Nyssa arrives after being sent as General Zod’s spy. Speaking of The Zod’s we find Lyta on a downward spiral. It’s clear that she and The General have different visions for Krypton and they want different things from their leadership. Still struggling to deal with the loss of Seg she takes a liking to lookalike, Lor-Ran. He should have called in sick that day as this doesn’t end well at all. I feel like Lyta’s story is going to be very interesting this season and I imagine she will find herself battling between her loyalty to General Zod and her love for Seg.

We also see the return of a familiar face this week. Jayna has been in the Outlands facing some of her inner demons. Trying to keep a low profile, she’s not amused at all when people start to recognise her but this causes her to be reunited with old pal, Dev. Fantastic to have both these characters back this week.

I thoroughly enjoyed episode one, but this week is even better. I think we’re going to be in for a real treat with season two!!

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