Superman The Movie Review

Welcome to the first in my series of Superman movie reviews! these will be slightly different than my other reviews on the site, this is a much more personal journey for me, Superman is my favourite comic book character and this film is one of the main reasons why…..

So this film right here, this is it for me, the pinnacle of all superhero movies it was the first I ever saw and for me personally hasn’t been topped yet, not just because it an amazing film which it is but more for how it impacted me as a child and how that has continued through my entire life….

That right there is me aged around 5, so its 1983 and as you can tell my parents haven’t changed the 70s carpet yet, at this point I’ve seen Superman for probably the first time, it came out the year i was born 1978 and had just been shown on TV in the UK and it captured my imagination more than maybe even Star Wars. This wasn’t just about space it was about our planet and a strange visitor with all these powers had visited us and just wanted to help, as a small child that was a big influence on me, he could do anything he wanted but all he wanted was to help and to save people. As corny as it sounds that desire to be good impacted my life a lot, no matter who you are and what you can do, you must always try to be a good person no matter what and for me that is a message that Superman has always stood for and it’s one of the reasons he will always be my favourite superhero.

No matter what you like in a movie, this one has it all, action – Superman desperately trying to save California from falling into the sea, comedy – with Clark ‘fainting’ or Jimmy Olsen’s ‘Right chief, sugar’ or romance – Lois and Clark’s late night flight through the clouds, then Gene Hackman’s incredible performance as Lex, the thing about this movie is how seriously its all taken, a different feel from what came before with the superhero genre, be it the Adventures of Superman with George Reeves or Batman with Adam West. This film was the first of its kind and showed us a superhero in more of a real world scenario, without it I wonder if we would’ve ever got Batman, the Dark Knight Trilogy or even The Avengers?

Its hard to describe my favourite part of this movie because I’d have to say from the moment those curtains open at the beginning to Superman flying around the earth at the end, but moments will always jump out at me….

The helicopter scene where we see the shirt rip and the first Clark/Superman change and then the line ‘Easy miss, I’ve got you’, ‘You’ve got me…..who’s got you?’ which will always be one of my favourite lines of all time. This film introduced us to Margot Kidders Lois Lane, such a strong independent character and played so so well, she never seemed like a damsel in distress she was as strong in will as Superman is in strength and that’s what I love about that character, there were three strong women who played a part of my childhood, my mum, Princess Leia and Lois Lane. The moments in Smallville are filled with so much heart and pure goodness, the scenes in Krypton showing us a totally alien world, that have now become what people think of when the think of Krypton.

But my favourite thing about thing about this movie is and always will be Christopher Reeve, his portrayal of the Man of Steel is for me perfect. The belief that he is Superman shows, his ability to exude strength without being overbearing and his amazing transformation between Clark and Superman, that scene where he’s about to tell Lois he’s Superman and then decides against it, you see it all in that one scene, the physical change, the change of his mannerisms its just so good that’s its one of the only times I’ve been convinced that Lois couldn’t tell it was Superman behind those glasses haha. Then as the person Christopher Reeve for me was an inspiration on how no matter what happens you never give up, you keep going and you keep trying, a true Superman both on screen and in real life. Due to how much of an inspiration he was to me I named my first son Reeve as a mark of true love and respect towards the man.

So as you can tell this movie is a pretty big deal for me, this was my introduction to superheroes, to Superman and to DC, because of this movie I am an avid comic collector, my house is covered in Superman and other DC collectables, I have a half sleeve tattoo of Superman and in no small part is one of the reasons this website exists, without the introduction of this character and this universe into my life I would’ve never had the crazy notion of making a website dedicated to this fictional universe and I wouldn’t have gotten to meet half the amazing friends I have because of it.

And that’s the thing about this movie, is not just that its a great film made about a great character but about how much it has influenced and impacted not just me but the entire world and a new generation of creators who for them this is Superman, you think Krypton you think crystals, that’s not how it was in the comics but that’s how its seen now, you think Superman I would guess most people would envision Christopher Reeve, we have had numerous versions of this character on screen since this film and they are all amazing in each way but I personally would say none have had an impact like Christoper Reeve and Superman The Movie.

Thank you for reading this, I know I probably came across as the worlds biggest Superman fanboy and that’s cos I am, its been part of me since a very early age 🙂 I promise my Superman 2 will be a lot more balanced, probably…….

Thanks again and if you’re into this version of Superman as much as I am check out this tribute video i edited together some years back!





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