The Flash 90s – Ep7 – Childs Play Review

Terry Cohan an angel of a boy is out at night riding his skateboard when a man gets out of a cab and accidentally knocks Terry over. Terry asks the man to help him up and calls the man a chump (he is right tbh). The man then realises that Terry has stolen his wallet. He tries to call Terry back but Terry escapes on his skateboard. A few minutes later a young lady named Pepper is watching a journalist called Phillip Sullivan. She calls his phone and tells him to drop a story on her boss Lesko. Phillip refuses (he may live to regret that). As Phillip leaves his office he drops a bag with notes on Lesko in his nice shiny red car. The bag isn’t there for long as Terry rides by and steals it. Before Phillip can go after him KABOOM his car blows up. Pepper who did the devious deed sees Terry steal the bag. I think Terry better watch his back.

Tina, a family friend of Phillip attends his funeral along with Barry. At the wake Barry who was a fan of Phillip’s work notices a trophy Phillip had won for his Arkham exposé. Tina introduces Barry to Phillip’s widow Joan. Understandably Joan is distraught. Barry is determined to find the killer either as himself or as The Flash.

Barry walks his dog Earl past a cinema which is showing a double feature, Batman and Superman. I wonder if they are any good? Barry notices a drug deal going down across the street. Duvivier is trying to sell a new drug called Blue Paradise to two men. He gives one a free sample. The two men are undercover cops they tell Duvivier he is in trouble but Duvivier has a contingency plan. Two of his goons attack the cops and start to beat the hell out of them. The free sample of Blue Paradise falls down a drain. The Flash runs over to save the cops. He goes after Duvivier who is trying to escape in his car. The Flash easily catches up with him, Duvivier tries to shoot The Flash but his bullets are caught by the scarlet speedster. He throws the bullets back at Duvivier’s car to blow out the tyres and he ties him up for the police.

Back at the station the undercover cops explain what happened to Barry. They tell Barry that The Flash saved them. Barry scoffs that The Flash isn’t real.

Outside the station Barry finds Terry trying to break into his car. Barry arrests him and asks an officer from juvenile hall to deal with him. The officer looks in to Terry’s family history and discovers that he ran away from foster care 9 months ago and has been surviving on petty theft ever since. The officer says they will have to take Terry to juvenile hall but Barry (who only wanted to scare Terry on to the straight and narrow path) doesn’t want Terry to go to Juvie. The officer suggests that Barry take care of him for now until they can find suitable foster parents. Barry reluctantly agrees.

As soon as they leave the station Terry tries to escape from Barry. Barry follows Terry down a sewer pipe which leads to an abandoned zoo (a bit like the one in Police Academy 2). Inside Barry catches up to Terry and tells him that he is trying to give him a break. A small child jumps on Barry’s back; he manages to grab her and sits her in a chair. The child is Terry’s little sister Cory. I can imagine at this point Barry is thinking what have I got myself into.

In an abandoned train station (yes Central City has a lot of abandoned places) Pepper visits Lesko; he is the creator of the drug Blue Paradise. He was a criminal in the 60s but disappeared and the police thought he had died. He is still heavily influenced by the 60s style. I guess to him the 60s never really ended. Pepper tells him that Duvivier will be released tomorrow as the police have no evidence on him. Lesko wants Pepper to find Phillip’s bag and kill Terry.

At Barry’s apartment Tina joins Barry and the kids for dinner. Cory tries to get Tina to give her $100 but it doesn’t work. Tina asks Barry what he is going to do with them while he is at work, Barry was planning to take them with him but they both agree that it would be a very bad idea. Tina suggests that Joan can look after them as she loves kids.

Pepper steals Terry’s file from the juvenile services office. She discovers that Terry is staying with a cop named Barry Allen. One of Pepper’s spy’s spots Terry out on the street. (Terry and Cory are walking a dog for Joan who is a vet). Pepper tries to kidnap the kids but the dog scares her off.

Barry and Julio believe that Phillip was investigating the Blue Paradise drug and that’s what got him killed. Joan has previously told Barry that Phillip always kept his files with him at all times in his bag. Barry thought all the files had been destroyed in the explosion but Julio points out there was no evidence of a bag at the crime scene.

Lesko gives Duvivier a gas canister full of Blue Paradise. He wants Duviver to spread the Paradise around. As Barry is driving Terry to pick up a pizza they are run of the road by a couple of Pepper’s goons. Barry is out cold so a goon kidnaps Terry. A few moments later Barry wakes up and sees the goons pulling away in a van. Barry changes clothes and The Flash chases the van, saves Terry and captures the goons.

At the police station Terry finally gets his pizza. Barry asks why the goons took him but Terry doesn’t know. Barry goes to see the goons in their cell. They look like death. Barry checks on them but they attack him. The attack doesn’t last long as they both suddenly collapse and die. It seems like Blue Paradise has one hell of a downer.

Joan is really enjoying looking after the kids. She feels that it is helping her cope with the loss of Phillip. Barry finds out the police are looking for a boy who has been pick pocketing people recently. He figures that it was Terry so he asks him what he stole. He mentioned a bag from a red car. Barry puts 2 and 2 together and asks Terry where the bag is now. Terry gets annoyed by the questions and runs off. The Flash tracks Terry down and explains to him that he needs to find someone to trust, someone who will help him and his sister.

Terry returns to Barry and gives him the bag. Barry finds lots of info on Blue Paradise and Lesko, but like the rest of the force Barry thinks Lesko is dead. For some reason Terry keeps a disc with more info on Lesko hidden from Barry.

Thanks to Phillip’s notes Barry works out that Lesko faked his own death and he is the only one that could have made Blue Paradise. Terry tells Cory that he is going to sell the disc to Lesko so they can get loads of money which will take care of them for a long time. Terry has made a back-up disc which he gives to Cory. He tells her to give the disc to Barry if he doesn’t return in a few hours.

Pepper who is on stakeout outside Barry’s apartment is shocked to see Terry walk up to her. He asks her to take him to Lesko.  Later that night Barry, Tina and Joan are worried about Terry’s disappearance. Barry asks Cory if she knows anything about it. She gives Barry the disc.

The Flash finds Duvivier outside a night club trying to sell Blue Paradise. The Flash grabs Duvivier and demands to know where Lesko is. He gives up Lesko’s location. To thank him The Flash drops him off at the police station.

At Lesko’s hideout Terry wants one million dollars for the disc. Lesko isn’t in the mood for that deal. But he does suggest another. He threatens to get Terry hooked on Blue Paradise if he doesn’t give up the disc. The Flash arrives just in time. He punches Lesko and Terry escapes. Lesko sprays a dose of Blue Paradise into The Flash’s face. The Flash disorientated vibrates through a wall. Luckily The Flash burned the drug out of his system. He runs back into the hideout and grabs a guitar. He turns all the speakers up to 11 and plays the guitar. The noise is so loud and fast it makes Lesko, Pepper and their goons pass out.

Terry decides it’s best for him and Cory to leave town. They plan on going to New York but before they leave Joan arrives and asks if they want to live with her. Cory is very happy but Terry is not sure. Barry convinces him that it’s the right thing to do. So Joan adopts them and they all live happily ever after.

I had a lot of fun with this episode thanks to a few DC references such as The Arkham Exposé. I also like the fact that the actor who played Terry (Jonathan Brandis) played John Wesley Shipp’s son in The Never Ending Story 2. The only downside was the villain. I just thought he wasn’t very interesting though I did like Pepper.

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