John Barrowman Fabulous Tour Review

John Barrowman – Fabulous Tour at the Cliffs Pavilion, Southend

By Louise Sibthorpe

Actor, singer, TV presenter & West End extraordinaire. You name it, he’s pretty much done it all. And now fresh from his jungle adventures on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, John Barrowman is back on the road touring for the first time in 4 years.

I was lucky enough to attend the sound check at the Cliffs Pavilion before the show. This is an added extra that you can purchase and is honestly worth every penny. To be able to listen to John and the band play a few songs, have a bit of a giggle in between everything and do a little Q&A was an absolute delight. This intimate experience was pretty awesome and there were only around 15 people in there! It was basically a taster of what was to come in the main show later that evening. If you are able to get the theatre earlier in the afternoon this is definitely worth doing!

A special mention at this point goes to John’s husband Scott, who helped man the merchandise stall before and after the show and during the intermission. He was even gracious enough to sign people’s programmes and take photos with them!

I had a front row VIP ticket for the show, I was that close I could have been sitting on the stage with the band! John always gives 110% into each performance, and always has something to make the audience smile. There was a mixture of funny, emotional and heartfelt stories throughout the 2 and a half hour show. If you’ve seen any of his previous concerts, the vast majority of his set list was a mashup of these along with a new song thrown in for good measure. One thing I’ve always found to be good about the shows is the hilarious banter that he has with the audience. No one is safe from Barrowman’s quick one liners, innuendos and double entendre. Be warned, you may end up being a part of the show itself!  The added addition of photos and videos being shown at certain parts of the show makes it flow a lot nicer and adds to the enjoyment of the show. A few standout highlights include rather unique Q&A involving John’s time on I’m a Celebrity, John’s Mum Marion singing a beautiful rendition of The Wedding that was worthy of a standing ovation and a heart wrenching rendition of Goodbye my Friend. But of course it wouldn’t be a John Barrowman concert without him singing his anthem I Am What I Am. The show didn’t disappoint, there was enough to keep everyone smiling and entertained the entire time.

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As part of the VIP package, myself and a very small group of people were whisked away to a separate room after the show to meet John. John made sure that he took his time to speak with everyone and take photos, nobody was left out. You could either take a camera in to have your photo taken or John would take a few selfies on your phone. In all this was a fun experience, the fact that there were so few people made it that much better too.

Overall, a really enjoyable and fun afternoon/evening all round! If you can make it to any of the remaining tour dates I highly recommend that you go!!











One thought on “John Barrowman Fabulous Tour Review

  1. This was a great review by Louise! She made me really want to fly to the UK from the states just to see John Barrowman! Wonderful comments and insights into JB’s Fabulous Tour!


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