Krypton – S2 Ep3 – Will to Power Review

Seg and Adam successfully flee from Lobo but as Braniac begins to gain more control over his body, Seg faces a hidden battle as he’s trapped inside his head with the big green d-bag (not my words). I must mention that Cameron Cuffe does a fantastic job in flitting between Seg and Brainiac, even without the visual aid of his eyes darkening he delivers the concept of loosing himself so well. Whilst Brainiac doesn’t feel emotions, he understands their power and uses this in his fight to weaken Seg from the inside and build his own strength back up. Seg telling Brainiac to ‘shove your eternal life up your eternal asshole’ was probably my favourite line this week!!!!

Once again the scenes between Seg and Adam were impeccable and they are solidifying an on screen partnership which looks set to become second to none. This episode is quite peaceful until Lobo eventually finds Seg and Adam in Brainiac’s base and as soon as we hear him the episode changes gear. I just don’t remember seeing a character like this. He’s exuberant, insane and hilarious but none of that takes away from the threat he provides. Having his arm cut off, shooting himself in the head and then regenerating in no way stops him from trying to get what he wants.

Things are hotting up on Wegthor as Jax and Val prepare for battle. We have the welcome return of Kem this week who is now being kept busy as a Sagitari on Krypton’s moon. Nyssa is also fantastic this episode and gives off a whole Cersei Lannister vibe as she rekindles an old relationship to get what she wants.
The relationship between Zod and Lyta is becoming quite fascinating to me. It’s complexity keeps it interesting and as Zod tells his mother how she dies you’re reminded that he acts and reacts to things that Lyta hasn’t even experienced yet. He is completely protective of her but recognises the value and strength she offers, which finally leads him to agree to her travelling to Wegthor.

Jayna and Dev have found themselves thrown together and whilst she’s trying to engage with him and convince him to join her plan, Dev tells her he wants nothing to do with her. He’s still struggling with what unfolded last season and by the end of the episode it’s very clear to see that he’s very lost.

Having Seg and Adam return to Krypton by the end of the episode kind of indicates that things are going to kick off now. We’ve had the story and direction of the season set up so it will be fun to watch it all play out. I just hope that Lobo finds his way to Crap Town too.

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