Batman: TAS – S1 – P.O.V. Review

When I was younger I disliked Detective Harvey Bullock and after re-watching this episode I can see where that dislike came from. At his core he is a liar who blames others (especially Batman) when he makes mistakes or rash decisions. He gives good officers a bad name.

Officer Montoya and her rookie partner Wilkes are on their way to meet up with Bullock at a warehouse where a sting has been set up to bust a drug lord. Wilkes is a little nervous but Montoya assure him that they will get to Bullock with plenty of time to spare. As she promised they arrive early but the warehouse is on fire, they find an injured Bullock outside. Montoya asks Bullock why he didn’t he wait for them but she is interrupted by the sound of breaking glass. A few thugs climb through a window to escape the warehouse. Wilkes goes after them and Montoya goes inside to look for more. Just before he passes out Bullock sees Batman on the roof of the warehouse.

A few hours later the three officers are being interrogated by Lieutenant Hackle from internal affairs. Commissioner Gordon who is also there objects to Hackle’s claim that the officers were paid off by the gang and that’s why the sting went south. All three claim their innocence. Trying to save his own skin Bullock tells Hackle that Montoya and Wilkes were late. Montoya says that’s a lie. Hackle is about to suspend them all but Gordon demands that Hackle to hears the officers account of what actually happened.

Bullock’s story:
He claimed he saw Batman at the warehouse so he went in before his backup arrived to stop Batman from getting in the way.
The Truth:
Bullock did not see Batman at that point but he still went into the warehouse straight away.
Bullock’s story:
Inside the warehouse Bullock sees some thugs breaking open a safe. He was going to sneak up on them but a loud noise made by Batman alerted the thugs to his presence.
The Truth:
The loud noise was caused by Bullock tripping over paint can.
Bullock’s story:
Bullock tried to arrest them but there were too many of them. An axe broke a fuse box which started the fire. The thugs ran off. Bullock found Batman and saved him from the fire.
The Truth:
The first time we really see Batman at the warehouse he swings down to Bullock and saves him from the fire.

Wilkes story which is true:
Wilkes chased the thugs who escaped the warehouse. He lost them in an alley. All of a sudden a car appeared and tried to run him over. Batman arrived just in time to disable the car by blowing out its tyres with some shurikens (ninja throwing stars). Batman captures a thug and interrogates him. All Wilkes could hear was the word Doc but he did not know what it meant.

Montoya’s story which is also true:
Montoya reiterates that they were on time. She went into the warehouse. She heard two thugs mention the name Hathcock. A thug sees her and was about to get her but Batman stops him. Some crates fell onto Batman burying him alive. She could not get to him due to the fire.

Un-satisfied by the officers explanation Heckle suspends all three of them and takes their badges.

On her way home Montoya goes past the docks and she figures out that Doc means Dock. She walks around the docks and she finds a Hathcock warehouse (now that is either a coincidence or a bit of luck). She looks through a window and sees a couple of familiar thugs and Batman tied up to a support beam. Montoya picks a lock and enters the warehouse.

Batman asks the thugs where their boss is. One tells him that the boss is upstairs. With that information Batman breaks free and takes two of them out. A third is about to shoot Batman but Montoya throws him to the ground. The boss sends all his men after Montoya and her new friend. Batman uses a grapple to pull Montoya and himself up on to a gantry crane. Batman jumps back down to beat them up while Montoya uses the crane to throw boxes at the thugs and knocks them into the water. The boss makes a break for it but Montoya uses the cranes claw to grab him.

Gordon congratulates Montoya for taking the gang out. Hackle arrives and reminds Montoya that she is suspended. Gordon tells Hackle that this farce has gone on long enough. He grabs the officer’s badges from Hackle’s pocket and reinstates them including Bullock (who my mind should have been reprimanded for lying).

Montoya proves that she is a great cop. I can only hope Wilkes learns more from her than from Bullock.

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