Krypton – S2 Ep4 – Danger Close Review

It’s not long before Seg and Adam make their way back to Kandor and whilst that’s a good thing, it unfortunately means they go their separate ways onto different missions. Seg gets his long awaited reunion with Lyta and after they rekindle their relationship things get down to the nitty gritty. He tries to convince her that their son has ulterior motives and uses Adam’s visions, as well as his own, as back up. Lyta isn’t convinced and sends for Dru.

When Seg comes face to face with Dru again the time travel element of this show really hit me. There you have Seg holding his first born child, whilst arguing with the adult version of his other son. I found it quite funny. It’s after this we learn that Dru has reconditioned Lyta’s mind and he’s about to do the same to Seg. This will quite possibly be the only time he’s pleased to find out that Brainiac is still setting up home in his mind.

Adam makes his way to Wegthor and quickly attaches himself to Kem. I enjoyed having Kem feature more in this episode as he really brought the humour to quite a serious one. There’s quite a lot going on here this week and Adam is thrust into the action. However, he confides in Val that he’s worried he’s messed up the timeline with all his time travelling high jinx. He makes a good point! All isn’t what it seems with Jax either. We get Dev’s backstory and we see how he fell from grace when he opens up to Jayna, who is still certain she can save Lyta.

‘Danger Close’ definitely felt like it cranked up the action and with so much more to come I can only see things continuing to heat up.

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