The Flash 90s – Ep8 – Shroud of Death Review

I like it when a TV series has an episode written around a lesser-known character. We learn more about them and get a bit of backstory so they mean more to us. The Shroud of Death is one of those episodes and that’s what makes it so good. It’s Lieutenant Garfield’s time to shine.

I remember the good old days when you could go to the cinema, watch a film and be able to drive home without a sign crushing you to death in your car. Unfortunately for Judge Foster his date night at the cinema with Mrs Foster ended that exact way. Before they met an untimely demise the judge found a piece of a medal on his car, just as he realized what it was we see a remote detonator being activated and the sign does its job and they are no more.

Julio meets Barry at the cinema they remark on how the judge was one of the best in the city. Garfield tells them to get to work. Barry finds the residue of a plastic explosive and Julio finds the detonator cap. They tell Garfield to look at the judge’s old case files and search for anyone with experience using explosives. Garfield thanks them for telling him how to do his job. As Garfield pushes past them Barry notices a box on the ground. He looks inside and sees an engagement ring. Garfield comes back and grabs the box off of Barry. They tease him about asking his girlfriend Mavis to marry him. It’s at that point we see Garfield smile probably for the first time ever.

Mavis runs a diner downtown and she is closing up for the night. We see a shadow behind her and it’s….Garfield. They hug and she gets him some water. He puts the box on the counter for Mavis; she picks it up and is understandably surprised to find a beautiful ring inside. She asks if he is crazy and reminds him that they can’t get married as they would drive each other crazy. He correctly states that that’s what married people do. He tells her he wants someone to come home too, she said she wants the same so she says yes well actually she says sure why not?

The next day Garfield greets Julio and is being extra nice to him. Garfield even complements him on his nice shirt. Julio guesses that Mavis said yes. Upstairs Barry is having trouble with the centrifuge which is broken again. He decides to spin the contents of his test tube himself. As he is spinning the tube at super speed Julio walks in and notices the speed of Barry’s hand. Barry does see Julio until he is finished. Julio thinks he needed to get his eyes checked. The detonator cap was a custom cap made out of titanium. Barry decides to pay a visit to a specialist, a man named Callahan who owns a survivalist shop.

Callahan is a person who is not afraid to do things the wrong way so he can earn some cash. He sells a man a facsimile of rocket launcher. But for another $20 he throws in a book that will teach him how to turn it into the real thing. Isn’t he a lovely chap? The Flash pays him a visit. Callahan tries to sell The Flash an M-60 so he can clear the streets of the homeless. The Flash demands info on the cap and plastic explosives used at the Cinema, Callahan calls two big security guards to deal with The Flash. Within 2 seconds they are handcuffed to a cannon and The Flash dismantles all of Callahan’s weapons. The Flash asks him the question again but Callahan says if he tells him he will be a dead man for squealing.

At dinner in a posh outdoor restaurant Tina tells Barry that she has had a job offer in California. It’s her dream to work out there but she wants to know what Barry thinks. She wants Barry to say don’t go Tina I need you. Barry doesn’t get the hint and feels that Tina is abandoning him. At another table the former DA Mr. DeJoy is being interviewed about his upcoming senatorial campaign. He receives an envelope which contains another piece of the medal. As he starts to leave the restaurant he sees his old friend Barry Allen. As he talks to Barry an assassin shoots him twice with a crossbow killing him instantly. Barry picks up the medal piece from DeJoy’s hand. He runs outside the restaurant and sees the assassin. He is shot with a green ray which incapacitates him.

The next morning Garfield admonishes Barry for disappearing from the scene of the crime. Barry explains that he found the second piece of the medal and the murders of the judge and former DA are connected. Garfield calms down. As Barry leaves Garfield asks him would he rather go to Atlantic City or Las Vegas. Barry says me and you Sir? No Allen for my honey… Garfield decides to stop talking.

Tina shouts at Barry for not telling her that he was safe after he left the restaurant. She says she worries about him. Barry sarcastically replies “is that why you’re moving to California?” Tina still wants to know if Barry thinks she should take the job or not but Barry wont give her a straight answer.

Barry and Julio go though some police files to find a match for the two medal pieces. It’s a very slow process so Barry asks if he could get him a coffee. As Julio does this Barry uses his speed to go through the files a lot quicker. Thanks to a conveniently placed security mirror Julio can see Barry’s hand moving fast again. I think he is starting to put two and two together. They find a match. The medal belongs to The Warriors of Freedom. Their leader was Jefferson Zacharias and they wanted to start their own country by any means necessary. He was arrested and given the death sentence for killing a few cops. Foster was his judge, DeJoy was the prosecuting attorney. Before he died Zacharias swore that an Angel of Death would kill everyone responsible for his downfall. Oh and his arresting officer was Garfield. Barry rushes off to find the lieutenant. Outside the diner Mavis finds and envelope for Garfield, she then notices a red dot on his jacket. On a nearby rooftop the assassin shoots their rifle but the bullet hits Mavis in the back instead of Garfield. He catches her in his arms and begs her to stay with him. The Flash arrives and deflects some bullets away from Garfield and Mavis, he reaches the rooftop but the assassin has gone.

An ambulance takes the unconscious Mavis away. Garfield blames himself but Barry tries to reassure him that it wasn’t his fault. Barry asked Garfield if Callahan has any connection with Zacharias. Garfield explains to Barry that Callahan was a police informant and helped them put Zacharias away.

It looks like Callahan is skipping town, he is putting thousands of dollars in a suitcase. Before he can leave he is visited by the assassin who is Zacharias’ daughter Angel. She asked Callahan if he told The Flash anything as The Flash stopped her from killing Garfield. He denied saying anything as he was her father’s friend. She wants more plastic explosives from Callahan. After he gets them for her she shoots him three times. She knew he betrayed her father all those years ago.

Garfield sits at Mavis’ bedside in the hospital as she sleeps he tells her that he loves her and he will make things right. The Flash arrives just in time to hear Callahan’s last words “Angel….Angel”. The Flash calls the lab and (as Barry) tells Julio what happened and to look through Zacharias file for any mention of the name Angel. Julio tells Barry that Angel is Zacharias’ daughter. Julio prints off Angel’s file with her address Garfield grabs it off of him and goes to pay her a visit.

Julio gives Barry the lowdown on Angel. Her parents got divorced when she was 13 but her mom got custody. The day after her dad was executed she ran away from home. She joined the military at 18 and she was discharged a month ago. Julio tells Barry that Garfield has probably arrested her by now but Barry knows he is going there to kill her.

Garfield arrives at Angel’s humble abode only to stumble into a trap. He walks onto a pressure pad. A recording from Angel explains that as soon as he gets off the pad he will blow up and while that happens Angel will be at the hospital killing Mavis. The Flash saves Garfield by taking his place on the pad. Garfield drives off to stop Angel. With Garfield clear The Flash runs off the pad and just manages to out run the explosives.

Angel tries to poison Mavis’ IV but The Flash chases her off. As she escapes the hospital Garfield tries to shoot her. I think he went to Stormtrooper shooting academy as his shots where terrible. Garfield chases her to the roof of the hospital. She wants him to shoot her because all she feels is hate since the day her dad was executed. The Flash convinces Garfield not to shoot her and just arrest her. Garfield lowers his gun and saves his own soul.

A blue sky and a church? It must be Garfield’s wedding day. The happy couple leave the church and drive off to their honeymoon. Outside the church Barry finally tells Tina he doesn’t want her to leave as he would miss her. Tina has already turned down the offer and will stay in Central City. Julio wants to talk to Barry in private. Julio hints that he knows that Barry is The Flash. At that moment Barry points to the other side of the street, as Julio looks Barry runs off. Then we see The Flash run past. Barry manages to run back to Julio before he notices he was gone. Julio feels silly as he has now seen Barry and the Flash at the same time. Thanks to that little trick Barry is starving so he runs off to get some pizza.

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