Constantine – S1 Ep6 – The Rage of Caliban Review

So, I’ll be honest I am not sure what to think of this episode. On one hand it was so good and on the other I felt it was a bit meh. So, we start off, it is around about Halloween time, so automatically 10x creepier! The opener again was a bit shorter but showed a bloody room with a male and female dead. Maybe I’ve never really noticed before, but John is a very hands-on person, using all of his senses. He uses such different techniques to aid him, although I did wince when he licked the wall. But with that and some other smoky device we find out what we are dealing with——- possession!

Manny pops in again to be, well, not very much help to Constantine. He warns John of the darkness, an ancient being beyond measure and that John is going to stem the tides of attack. Nothing new, however, I feel that some of the dialogue between the two is almost for the audience i.e. explaining why Manny doesn’t just tell him what’s happening (reminds me of Lord of the Rings and those damn eagles). But the conversation is also important to remind the viewers that there is something lingering in the background- that although we are facing a malevolent spirit, that this may be part of some larger grand scheme.

The character of Henry, an almost teen boy, is introduced and I am hooked a little more. Here we see a timid child, parents help soothe him etc etc but then we see him being taken over by said spirit. “I’m feeling much better now” is jarring. Kudos to the actor playing Henry (Max Charles)- he done a fab job!

So, one of my issues with the episode is that I find it a little too predictable, not the details but the overall arc. Constantine always has great storylines but this one in particular left me a bit meh. The meeting at the bar and visit to the first survivor etc was very predictable to me as well as how it actually pans out in the end. There were some stand out pieces though- the bulb scene was plain creepy and done well in showing what we are up against. I did notice this episode has a lot of ‘jumpy’ bits, more so than usual. On this topic actually one thing the episode done very well was with the sound. The sounds, music, silence… all just fitted so well with what they were trying to achieve.

The other issue I have with this episode is the trio- John, Zed and Chas. Chas wasn’t in it too often, although useful when he was. I’d like to see development of his character that he’s not just a plot device, I would like to see more of their friendship and his background. Zed was absent in this episode which gave it a slightly different feel. I did read that this was because this specific episode was supposed to be episode two of the series and we hadn’t been introduced to her yet, but since they changed out the order, she was just absent. Perhaps they thought as I did, that this episode wasn’t as strong as the ones previous so didn’t want it so early on in the season? Who knows…?

Back to the story…After an almost DING light bulb moment, Constantine connects the dots and goes to fix it all. The clown house/house of horror thing was again very creepy and jarring! So, I don’t give too much away the spirit is kind of laid to rest, depending on how you look at it.

The episode ends with Constantine, having a puff, and thinking of the upcoming battles ahead “the world is dark and full of pain for everybody”.