Krypton – S2 Ep5 – A Better Yesterday Review

This episode was one intense ride!

Seg wastes no time in making his move against Dru. The scenes between Cameron Cuffe and Colin Salmon were fantastic this week as they both puff their chests out to argue who has Lyta’s best interests at heart. Now throw in Brainiac to this party and it gets even better. There’s still a small part of him attached to Seg and whilst we know the reasons behind wanting to keep Seg alive, he is protecting him. Could these two have more of a connection than we would have believed? Because they seem to be getting on quite well!

Lyta has Adam, Kem and the other rebels hostage and eventually meets with Val and Jax to negotiate their surrender. Val believes that there is still good in Lyta but Jax is having none of it. Her robot-esque eye is revealed not to be just for aesthetics as laser like beams shoot out of it and she manages to take Lyta hostage. Jayna and Dev’s mission of assassinating Dru Zod to save Lyta is in full force and they make it back to Kandor and save Seg while they’re at it. Aaron Pierre gets to show off some true skills as Dev this week.

The episode ends spectacularly. It was shocking. After demanding that Dru retreats from Wegthor and admits to his criminal reconditioning, Jax realises that he trying to double cross them. She doesn’t react well to this. At all. She executes Lyta by slitting her throat while Seg, Dru and the whole planet watch on via satellite feed.

Lyta has been integral to this story this season and all plots have lead to her. I’m so shocked that they’ve killed her off but the repercussions of Jax’ actions are sure to be electric. Hannah Waddingham was absolutely fantastic in this episode.

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