Batman: TAS – S1 – Forgotten Review

Bruce Wayne is not just a billionaire playboy and a vigilante dressed as a bat but he is also a volunteer at a rescue mission and a make up artist. Wow he really is a jack of all trades.

Speaking of the rescue mission the priest who works there mentions to Bruce that many of the homeless people who attend the mission have disappeared. Bruce asks if the police can help but the priest explains homeless people are not high priority for the police. The priest is also worried about Dan Riley, a volunteer who has also disappeared. I think Bruce might know someone who can help.

In the Batcave Bruce picks up a disguise, makes himself look about 15 years older thanks to the wonders of make up and hair dye. He ventures out to an area near the mission. He bumps into a few guys who offer him a job. They try to attack him but he beats them easily even though his hands are in his pockets. Bruce notices a cat and let’s his guard down, without warning another guy hits him from behind and knocks him out. What is it with Bats being distracted by cats?

Bruce awakens to find his leg chained to a bed. He meets a homeless man named Salvo Smith and the missing Dan Riley. They ask Bruce his name but he doesn’t know. Oh dear it seems our hero is suffering from a bout of amnesia. Bruce finds out that they are all part of a chain gang made to dig up gold ore in the desert. The man in charge is a big evil lump named Boss Biggis. While all his workforce (slaves) work long hours with barely any rest or food Biggis is constantly eating and lives in the finest conditions. He randomly picks a worker and tells the guards to put him in the box just to set an example for everyone to see.

Back at the manor Alfred discovers that Bruce is missing. He notices that one of Bruce’s cars is missing. As they all have tracking devices he locates it straight away. He finds it in a scrap yard along with a shady looking van with equally shady looking men hanging around it. Alfred removes the cars tracker and covertly places it on the van.

While working in the mine Bruce is still struggling to remember who he is. Dan mentions that he volunteered at the mission this made Bruce think but before he could connect the dots there was a cave-in, thankfully no one was hurt. Later that night we see Bruce wondering around in a house of mirrors, he hears laughter and sees Bruce Wayne looking back at him. That Bruce continues to laugh he laughs so hard he turns into The Joker. He grabs Bruce and they start to fall. A second later Bruce is walking past the mission, a homeless person ask him for money and another ask and another and another until he is surrounded. Bruce wakes up screaming.

Biggis complains about the lazy workers. Salvo hears this and blows a raspberry at him. That was not a smart move. Biggis says the magic words Throw him in the box. Bruce and Dan protect Salvo from the guards and a fight ensues. They hold their own for awhile but they are badly outnumbered and are eventually overpowered. As punishment they end up (you’ve guessed it) in the box.

Dan is feeling the pressure of being in the box and starts to panic. Bruce tries to calm him down but it doesn’t work. Dan worries that he will never see his family again. Once he hears the word family Bruce has a flashback of his mother and father playing with him, their grave, bats and Batman. He remembers who he is and instantly breaks out of the box. He runs into the desert and manages to escape the guards chasing him.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its Alfred trying to fly the Batwing. He has tracked the van to that area. After a small argument with the batwings computer he manages to land and who is the first person he sees? Yep its Bruce, how lucky was that.

Biggis threatens to eat his guards if they don’t find the escapee. A guard is heard screaming A Bat! A Giant Bat! Biggis thinks he is mad but we know what the guard has seen. Batman throws two guards at him. Batman leads Biggis and his men down to the mine. Batman takes each guard out one at a time and before he knows it Biggis is all alone. In his haste to get away from Batman he trips and breaks an oil lamp which causes a fire that starts to spread towards a stockpile of explosives. Batman chucks Biggis into a water pipe and they both slide out to a river just before the mine is destroyed by the explosion. In the river Batman saves Biggis from drowning and tells him that he won’t like the food in prison.

Back at the shelter Dan invites Salvo to stay with his family for a while until he is back on his feet. With his memory intact Bruce can finally introduce himself to his new pals and offers Salvo a job at Wayne Enterprises. Both Dan and Salvo look in shock as Bruce drives away in his Rolls Royce.

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