The Flash 90s – Ep9 – Ghost in the Machine Review

Central City, 1955 and all is not well. A criminal genius named The Ghost gives the city a final warning, either pay him one million dollars or he will blow up downtown via television sets. Thankfully Nightshade is here to save the day. Our hero tracks The Ghost down and uses a short wave jamming device to block The Ghost’s signal to the TVs. This causes an explosion. Nightshade is able to save Belle (Ghost’s accomplice) but he can not get close enough to save The Ghost. Somehow The Ghost survives the chaos and makes it to his hidden bunker. He decides to freeze himself and awake in 1999 so there will be no Nightshade to stop him. As he freezes the time malfunctions and resets to 1990. Central City, 1990 The Ghost awakes to a brand new world with all the technology he needs to bring the city to its knees. Who on earth will stop him?

Barry is showing Julio around S.T.A.R Labs. Julio doesn’t know why Barry and Tina haven’t started a relationship as they are always together when Barry isn’t working. Tina walks in and asks if Julio wants to go bowling with them. Julio looks confusingly at Barry as they were all supposed to be helping out Julio’s girlfriend Sabrina at a telethon to raise money for the central hospital. Barry claimed he forgot (as he didn’t want to go himself) Tina gladly agrees and to do it and with the help of Julio convinces Barry to agree to help out too.

The Ghost wonders into an arcade and understands how the machines work immediately. After he recruits some guys in the arcade he pays a visit to an old friend in a bar. Belle now in her 60s is shocked to see The Ghost alive and looking the same way as he did 35 years ago. The Ghost blows up a TV in the bar with a remote control.

At the telethon Bellows and Murphy are performing My Way while Barry and co are taking telephone donations from the public. Lieutenant Garfield who is practicing his magic act introduces Barry and Julio to his old friend Dr Desmond Powell. The Ghost’s men arrive at the telethon and tell everyone to watch the TV, Ghost appears and proclaims he is back and as he didn’t get his money in 1955 they will all pay now. The Ghost’s men steal a truckload of equipment.

At a secret lair we discover that Desmond was Nightshade and he is coming out of retirement to stop The Ghost once and for all.

While Garfield is eating Barry’s breakfast (poor Barry) Desmond drops by and talks to them about The Ghost and Nightshade. Barry asks Desmond what happened to Nightshade. Desmond explains that Nightshade faded away and was forgotten by the city. Barry wonders to himself if the same fate awaits The Flash.

The Ghost now reunited with his old tech guy Skip discuss how they can take over the city. The Ghost asks about The Flash. Skip calls him a freak of nature and The Ghost wants to take The Flash out of the picture.

The Ghost broadcasts a message city wide for The Flash to meet him at S.T.A.R Labs. Both Barry and Desmond see the message. At the lab The Ghost and his men have cleaned out all the labs equipment. The Flash arrives but The Ghost captures him in an entrapment beam. The beam is shrinking and when it is small enough it will fry The Flash to a crisp. As The Ghost is leaving Nightshade stops him but Skip shoots Nightshade in the arm. The Ghost leaves Nightshade to bleed to death. Before The Flash is fried he destroys a control panel on the wall which disables the beam. He runs over to Nightshade and is visibly surprised to see that it’s Desmond. The Flash gets a medical kit from Desmond’s car and treats his wound. Outside the lab The Flash runs off and by an amazing coincidence Barry arrives to see Desmond in pain. As Desmond trusts Barry he asks him to drive him to Nightshade’s hideout.

Barry is admiring the hideout which has costumes of the villains Nightshade defeated in the 50s. He chats with Desmond about why he became Nightshade. Desmond had come back from the Korean War and saw that Central City was in danger from mobsters and a corrupt government. He couldn’t let the city suffer so he put on the mask and helped as many people as he could. The only problem was it cost him his health, his family and his fiancée. Barry asked about The Ghost so Desmond showed Barry his short wave jamming device and told him how he stopped The Ghost back in 55.

The Ghost wants to wire himself into a machine so he can control everything in the city. Belle doesn’t want to have any part of it and she leaves. This saddens The Ghost so to cheer himself up he starts playing about with the city’s power grid. He messes with traffic lights and computers, both Julio and Tina lose all their work on their PCs. Desmond tells Barry that The Ghost has bigger things planned for the city and that Nightshade must take The Ghost down before it’s too late. Barry tries to stop him but Desmond will not listen. Barry now knows what it’s like to be Tina.

Nightshade visits Belle at the bar and he convinces her to give up The Ghosts location. The Flash meets up with Nightshade outside the bar and they decide to take down The Ghost together.

The Ghost plugs himself into the machine. He can see and do everything. He speaks to the city and demands one billion dollars or Central City will never have power again, it will become a city of darkness. The Flash borrows the jamming device from Nightshade so Tina can make some improvements to it.

Nightshade shows up at The Ghost hideout but he is ready for him. Hold on that’s not Nightshade it’s The Flash in disguise. He runs up to The Ghost and starts to fight him. The Ghost connects The Flash to the machine’s network. Nearby monitors show The Ghost beating up The Flash. Meanwhile the real Nightshade shows up and uses the new and improved jamming device to stop The Ghost from controlling the city. This distracts The Ghost for a second and a second is all The Flash needs, he unplugs The Ghost from the machine which leaves The Ghost in a catatonic state.

The Flash thanks Desmond for all his help. He is about to reveal his identity to him but Desmond says he doesn’t need to know but he is there for The Flash if he needs him. Desmond thinks The Flash should have his own trophy room and gives him Nightshade’s mask as the first trophy. I think that’s a great idea but let’s not stop at a room why not a whole museum……nah that’ll never work.

As the episode ends we see The Ghost’s consciousness floating through our screens. Maybe this isn’t the last we have seen of The Ghost.

It was great seeing The Flash team up with Nightshade. I guess this could be considered a DC crossover. The Ghost was an intriguing villain who came across as a real threat. If our heroes had not been working together I could of easily seen The Ghost win.

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