Batman Hush: Screening At WB

Jim and Rob were lucky enough to be invited to a special viewing of Batman Hush at the Warner Bros offices in London.
Having not seen the movie yet, attending the screening in their quaint little cinema was a very special experience. An experience enhanced by having a wonder round their mini museum of WB props ranging from replicas of The Justice League to Dobby the house elf and a very freaky and all too real Annabelle doll. Making the evening that extra bit more enjoyable we got to hang out with pals Martin and Neil from Get Your Comic On (@GYCO) and Nicola from We Have A Hulk (@wehaveahulkpod), as well as meeting some other cool twitter folk like Tasmin (@AspiringKryto) and Ben (@TheDCTVshow).
We already have a fab review of the movie from Steve but seeing as the movie was so great, we thought we would add our thoughts too.
Best Moment
Jim: So many good bits, any time Nightwing was on the screen i was happy and the same with Superman, but my favourite bit had to be when Batman and Catwoman had just escaped from Superman and Batman says ‘If he wanted it we’d be dead already’ what an awesome nod to BvS and gave me goosebumps.
Rob: I would have to say the action scenes were great in Hush and I really enjoyed that we got so many villains in one movie. For me, the fight between Batman and Superman (and then Poison Ivy) was brilliant. The relationship between Batman and Catwoman was fun to watch and seeing them both team up against Superman and Lois was a little bit epic. Especially with Catwoman pushing the boundaries of behaving like she’s used to or playing by Batman’s rules.
Favourite Character
Jim: Tough choice, every character in this movie is fleshed out so well that you really get a feel for them, but it has to be Catwoman, without her this film would be just another standard Batman affair but she makes him more human and brings the Bruce out, also she is an absolute badass!
Rob: Definitely Catwoman. She was fun and sassy just as you’d expect but due to her relationship with Batman we got to see a softer side to her. She brought laughter to the film and Jennifer Morrison did a great job with her portrayal.
Jim: 4.5 out of 5
Rob: 4 out of 5
Batman Hush is a great DC animated movie, they always knock these out of the park and even if you’ve read the comic there are still a lot of surprises in the movie, the voice acting is outstanding and the action is incredible. WB really brought this comic to the screen with such respect for the source material but also put their own spin on it which worked perfectly! So our advice is to go and pick this up right now cos you wont regret it!!
Once again thank you so much to Warner Bros for inviting us along for this special screening we had an awesome time watching an awesome movie!
Batman Hush available now on Blu-ray and DVD!

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