Batman: TAS – S1 – Two Face Pt1 Review

This is a story of two sides of the same coin. This is also one of the finest episodes of Batman TAS ever made.

Gotham City D.A Harvey Dent is running away, away from a man in the shadows. The man appears in front of Harvey but we don’t see his face. The man tosses a coin and tells Harvey that it’s time. Harvey wakes up sweating in his office. His assistant Carlos tells Harvey that Gordon and the police have started the raid. Harvey leaves immediately.

Gordon and his men have a gang cornered in a building but the gang are not going down without a fight. With the help of stolen army weapons they keep the police at bay. Unbeknownst to the gang Batman has infuriated the building. Batman scares them into giving up and they beg the police to lock them away from him. In front of the press Harvey congratulates the police for there hard work. He also takes credit for the raid and promises to take down the gangs boss Rupert Thorne. As one of the gang members is being led to a police van he kicks mud onto Harvey’s suit and warns Harvey that Thorne will deal with him very soon. Harvey snaps and throws the gang member to floor. Harvey is about to punch him but Gordon stops him and calms him down. The press look on in shock.

Thorne sees a news report on the gangs capture. He tells his right hand woman Candice to tail Harvey and dig up any dirt on him she can find. At a fundraiser for Harvey’s re-election campaign (Sponsored by Bruce Wayne) Harvey charms the public while Bruce asks Harvey’s fiancée Grace if he is alright. Bruce is worried about his friend as he seems to not be himself at the moment. Carlos interrupts Harvey to give him some bad news. A judge has thrown out the case against Thorne’s gang due to the warrant not being complete. Harvey realises that the judge has been bribed. Yet again Harvey goes crazy, he throws Carlos against a table and he goes to punch Bruce but he sees Grace and he stops.

Harvey visits his psychiatrist Dr Nora Crest. She puts Harvey under hypnosis and she wants to talk to Harvey’s other personality Big Bad Harv. Harvey thinks that it isn’t a good idea but Nora insists. Big Bad Harv comes to the surface. Harv calls Harvey a wimp. Nora explains that when Harvey was young he suppressed his angry feelings and kept them buried inside, that was until his anger became an illness and the illness has manifested itself into Big Bad Harv. Harv starts to trash Nora’s office. Nora clicks her fingers and Harvey returns. Harvey can’t believe what he did so Nora suggests he has more sessions with her they might be able to get rid of Harv. Harvey is desperate so he agrees to her suggestion straight away. Outside the office Candice hears everything and runs off to tell Thorne.

On election night Harvey is winning by a landslide. He is so happy he tells Grace that he will announce their wedding date when he officially wins. Harvey receives a phone call from Thorne. Thorne informs Harvey that he knows his little secret and he will tell Gotham unless they can make a deal. Harvey has no choice so he agrees to meet with Thorne. Bruce sees Harvey leave so Batman follows him.

At the meeting (in an abandoned chemical plant) Thorne demands a few favours from Harvey, unfortunately for him he isn’t speaking to Harvey, he is speaking to Big Bad Harv. Harv attacks Thorne and his men. Batman tries to stop him but Harv is just too angry. He chases Thorne into a room with large vats of chemicals. One of Thorne’s men tries to shoot Harv but Batman pushes him. The bullets instead hit an electrical panel which causes an explosion that hits Harv in the face. Batman runs over to Harv and is visibly upset by what he sees.

At the hospital Harvey is lying in bed with half his face bandaged up. The doctor assures Grace and Bruce that a good plastic surgeon will fix Harvey’s face. Bruce is more worried about the mental scars rather than the physical ones. A few days later a doctor is removing Harvey’s bandage so they can prepare him for plastic surgery. Harvey asks for a mirror but the doctor is reluctant. Harvey pushes him away and finds one himself. Grace is walking down a hospital corridor when she hears Harvey scream. He bursts out of his room and she sees him and faints. The left side of Harvey’s face is horribly disfigured. He says Goodbye to the unconscious Grace and he escapes the hospital.

Even though it’s a Batman light episode it is still interesting to watch as we see the torment Harvey goes though while trying to keep his angry side down but any hope of that is lost after his disfigurement. I felt sorry for him because he was a good guy and he was someone who was trying to help the city. I wonder what part two will have is store for us.

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