The Flash 90s – Ep11 – Beat the Clock Review

Last time out the focus of the episode was on Tina this time it’s on another wonderful character Julio and it’s about time.

One hour before his execution Wayne Cotrell (a famous jazz musician) is playing his saxophone in his cell. Barry Allen is watching a news report which tells us that Wayne was convicted for the murder of his wife and one of finest modern jazz stylists ever Linda Lake. Julio has always defended Wayne and he still believes that his oldest friend is innocent.

Musician Dave Buell calls the lab looking for Julio but as Julio has just stormed out of the lab after an argument his Lt. Garfield he gives Barry a message. He has stolen a tape that will prove Wayne’s innocence. He wants Julio to meet him at the Take Five club in 15 minutes. Before he has a chance to hang up Dave is attacked and murdered. His hat and tape fall to the ground.

The Flash arrives outside the Take Five. He finds the tape and the hat but before he can pick up the tape a lorry drives over it.

Barry asks Julio to meet him at the Take Five. Inside the club Wayne’s brother Elliott is being interviewed by Joe Kline. Elliott protests his brother’s innocence. As Barry finds Dave Buell’s trumpet case he hears the club’s bouncer Wisper argues with Julio. Elliott calms the situation down and welcomes Julio into the club. Elliott recognises Barry as he is a regular patron of the club. Barry asks Elliott if the rumour of unreleased tracks by Linda are true. Elliott says if they exist and if he finds them he will release them for all her fans to hear. Barry remarked that he could make a fortune if it’s true. Barry wonders where Dave is. Elliott claimed Dave was in Chicago. That seems suspicious as we know that’s not the case. As Barry and Julio leave Elliott has a chat with Wisper.

Barry shows Julio the broken tape. Barry thinks Tina can fix it.

Barry picks Tina up from a performance of Swan Lake and brings her to S.T.A.R Labs. He explains the situation to her and she thinks she can digitize the tape but it may not be finished in time.

Father Michael chats with Wayne. Wayne tells the father that he has nothing to confess. After the father has left Wayne receives another visitor….The Flash. Wayne tells The Flash about the night Linda was killed. Linda and Wayne had an argument on stage; they used to have disagreements all the time. He left the club and meet with a groupie called Suzy Storm. They went back to her place but all they did was talk about how Wayne loved Linda. Wayne mentioned that Suzy loved Jazz musicians; she even had custom saxophone earrings. The next day Wayne finds out Linda is dead and he is accused of her murder. He tried to find Suzy as she was his alibi but she had disappeared. The Flash heard Linda was leaving Wayne to go live in LA. Wayne said Linda made her first record with Elliott (who was the producer) but she didn’t want to do a second one with him as he was too controlling. She was going to LA to work with a big time producer who would let her call the shots. The Flash promises Wayne that he will do whatever he can to prove his innocence.

Wisper is telling Elliott that the tape wasn’t on Buell’s body. Elliott wants Wisper to kill Julio was he is getting too nosy.

Julio pulls up at the Municipal records building. Unfortunately for him he is not alone. Meanwhile Tina has had a breakthrough with the digitizer. She plays a part of the digitized tape for Barry. He recognises Linda’s voice but not the song she is singing. Back at the records building Julio picks up the file and an evidence bag from Wayne’s case. Around the corner Wisper is waiting for Julio with a garrotte wire to strangle him with. Just a Julio is about to walk past Wisper he sees two men wheeling Dave Buell’s body down the hall. He asks what happened to him and it told the body was found strangled in a nearby alleyway. Strangled? I wonder who could have done that. Julio followed them to the morgue.

Tina has digitized more of the tape. Barry hears a recent tune by Dave Buell with Linda’s voice singing over it. Tina asks how that can be the case as Linda was killed a year ago. Julio arrives and tells them what happened to Dave. They tell Julio about the tape, he thinks it’s a fake. Tina compares the voice print from the tape with Linda’s CD and it’s a perfect match. Tina plays more of the tape and we hear Elliott voice saying “I’d like to help you remember”. Julio and Barry go though the evidence bag and they find a custom made saxophone earring. That earring was found in the car wreck where they also found “Linda’s” body. The only reason they thought it was Linda was due to her dental records, Julio deduces that the dental records must have been switched with Suzy’s. That’s why Suzy never gave Wayne an alibi. Julio and Barry go off to confront Elliott. They ask Tina to call the governor so he can stop the execution. Tina tries to do so but she is cut off by the governor’s rude assistant.

The lights go out at S.T.A.R Labs.

Wisper (who had followed Julio to S.T.A.R Labs earlier) confronts Tina and demands the tape. He knocks her down and he smashes the digitizer.

Outside the Take Five Barry looks at Elliott’s apartment (which is above the club) and asks Julio why one of the windows is boarded up. Julio doesn’t know and he enters the club. Barry goes to investigate the apartment. Barry changes his clothes and The Flash un-boarders the window. He sees Elliott at a mixing desk and a very much alive Linda (played by the extremely talented Angela Bassett) singing a new song. Thanks to Elliott drugging her Linda has lost her memory. Elliott keeps her locked in his apartment. He tells her until her memory returns it’s for her own good. She thinks singing these songs will help her remember but as she is being drugged that’s unlikely to happen. With all this new material being recorded by a “dead” singing someone could make a lot of money when these lost recordings are released.

In the backroom of the Take Five Julio overhears Elliott and Wisper talking. Elliott wants Julio and Barry dead. Wisper offers to kill Linda too but Elliott wants her alive as she is a goldmine. They talk about the night Linda “died”. Elliott lost his temper with Linda because she was going to LA. He beat her up. Wisper killed Suzy and put her in Linda’s car and they let Wayne take the fall. Wisper finally convinces Elliott that killing Linda for real this time is the right thing to do. While Wisper takes care of that Elliott is going to see his brother fry on the electric chair.

Wisper finds The Flash trying to convince Linda to go with him but she is too confused. Wisper pushes The Flash out of a window and he hits the ground hard. Wisper tells Linda it’s time to go for a ride.

The warden comes for Wayne; it’s nearly time for his execution. Julio confronts Wisper outside the club. While Wisper beats the hell out of Julio Linda wonders off and walks into the Take Five and The Flash regains consciousness.

Everyone is stunned to see Linda walkthrough the Take Five. She walks up to the stage and starts to sing. Outside The Flash stops Wisper from killing Julio and knocks him out.

Wayne is allowed to talk to Elliott. Wayne apologises for not treating Elliott right when they were growing up. A surprised Elliott responds with “I know you didn’t do it”. But rather than confess to everyone what really happened he sits down to watch his brother’s execution.

The Flash runs Linda to the prison.

Wayne is strapped into the electric chair.

The Flash and Linda make it to the prison. As the executioner is pulling the switch down The Flash un-straps Wayne from the chair. The Flash presents Linda to the warden. Seeing Wayne Linda regains her memory. Elliott knows that the jig is up grabs a gun from a guard. The Flash stops him and he is arrested.

The reunited couple are performing at the Take Five; after they finish their set they join Julio and Barry at a table. Instead of Buffalo wings they have Flash wings, in honour of the man who saved Wayne’s life.

This was another top episode, one of my favourites in fact but next time it gets even better as The Flash will meet one of his most iconic rogues played by an iconic actor. In two weeks it’s time for The Trickster.

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