DC Comics Icons Green Arrow Statue Review

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The DC comics Green Arrow icon statue measures approximately 10.5 inches high ( 26.67 cm) and comes with a geometric base plate for displaying the figure.

It is hand sculpted in cold cast porcelain by Paul Harding and is limited to 5200 pieces worldwide.

This statue perfectly captures the Green Arrows look from DC comics The New 52. Standing in a battle ready pose with one hand holding his bow and the other pulling an arrow from the quiver on his back this statue is beautifully designed. Flawlessly painted and intricately detailed everything about this is perfect from the zips , straps and buckles on the suit to his painted stubble and perfectly sculpted muscle definition, there is even a real string on the bow.

The Green Arrow is my favourite DC comics character so I love this statue.  I like the fact that it is hand sculpted and limited edition rather than mass produced because in my experience limited edition pieces seem to have more care and attention paid to them especially when it comes to small details and paint work.  My favourite part of the statue is the costume and all of the small details,  every time I look at it I find something different.  I also love the paint work  on the  it looks like it has jumped out of the pages of a comic book . The only thing that I would change about this would be the size , don’t get me wrong it is a good size at 10.5 inches but I just feel that it would look even better if it was maybe a couple of inches bigger.

This is a beautiful statue and collectors piece that would be perfect for any Green Arrow  / DC comics fan .

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