Batman: TAS – S1 – Two Face Pt2 Review

Six months have past since Harvey Dents traumatic transformation. He has given himself the name Two Face and he has been making Rupert Thorne’s life miserable.

After consulting his lucky coin Two Face and his new associates Min and Max rob one of Thorne’s bookies. They take every cent they can including a crate full of silver dollars. Thorne is infuriated with the damage Two Face is causing. Thorne puts a $2 million dollar bounty on Two Face’s head, a million for each face.

Bruce is feeling guilty that he couldn’t help Harvey before his accident at the chemical plant. Bruce makes a promise to himself that he will find a way to save his old friend.

The police visit Harvey’s ex fiancée Grace. They ask for her help so they can find Harvey before Thorne does. A Detective gives Grace a beeper. If Harvey visits her she is to activate the beeper so the police can find her and Harvey. Grace reluctantly agrees to help them. Only problem is the police are Thorne’s men and the Detective was his right hand woman Candice.

Two Face is counting the money from the bookies robbery and he sees a picture of Grace in his wallet. Min and Max ask if he wants them to get her. He tosses his coin and it instead decides that they need to finish Thorne off once and for all.

Batman notices a pattern to Two Faces crime wave. All the places Two Face hits involve the number two such as Club 22 and Two’s Company. They also all belong to Thorne. Batman realises that Two Face has hit all the possible places he can and the only thing left for his to do is to get Thorne out of the way.

Two Face has broken in to Attorney E Doubleday’s office to retrieve a file on Thorne and all his misdeeds. As they find the file Batman arrives and nearly gets through to the Harvey side of Two Face but Min and Max put a stop to that. Two Face knocks Batman out and escapes with the file. When Batman recovers he finds a match book with a 2 of hearts logo in his hand. Maybe Harvey put it there.

Two Face drives past a wedding shop and it makes him think of Grace. He tosses his coin and this time it tells him to contact her. He calls Grace and asks her to visit him. She gladly agrees, he tells her that there is a car outside that will take her to him. Before she leaves she activates the beeper.

The car drives Grace to the Wild Deuce club. Inside the club Two Face has covered his disfigured side from Grace. She asks why he doesn’t trust or listen to his feelings anymore, he explains that the only thing he listens to is his lucky coin and it decides what he does and does not do. Grace explains to him that he doesn’t need the coin or the cloth that covers his face, she loves him no matter what. He almost reverts back to his old self but he sees Min and Max standing in a door way. They collapse and Thorne arrives with his crew. Grace recognises Candice as the Detective and she realises that she led Thorne to Harvey. Thorne threatens to kill Grace if he doesn’t get his file back. Two Face gives it to him. Thorne tells his crew to kill them both but Batman arrives. Thorne is about to shoot Batman but Two Face kicks him and he ends up shooting a chandelier which falls on him. Batman and Two Face beat up Thorne’s men while Grace does the same to Candice.

After the fight Two Face picks up a gun and is about the kill Thorne who is still trapped under the chandelier. He tosses his coin to make the final decision but Batman throws the crate of silver dollars in the air which mixes them with Two Face’s coin. Unable to find his coin and decide what to do Two Face freaks out and starts crying. Grace goes over to him and tells him it will be ok as she is here. Outside Batman throws a coin into a nearby fountain and wishes his friend well.

A bittersweet end to another amazing episode.

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