The Flash 90s – Ep12 – The Trickster Review

Finally the greatest villain of the 90s Flash TV show is here. The Trickster (played perfectly by the legendary Mark Hamill) has arrived to make The Flash’s life hell.

Our old friend Megan Lockhart is in Willow Haven and she is in a lot of trouble. Megan is trying to contact Barry but all she can do is leave him a message before she is found by a man dressed as a magician.

It’s movie night at Barry’s apartment. Tina, Barry and Barry’s dog Earl are getting ready to watch The Philadelphia Story when Barry notices a message on his answering machine. He hears Megan’s message. As Willow Haven is 150 miles away Tina warns Barry about going there as he could suffer muscle fatigue or a blackout. But being the hero he is Barry has to go. He leaves Tina with Earl who helps himself to some popcorn.

The magician who introduces himself as James Jesse is on a stage in front a massive crowd of…. mannequins. He shoots one because it “heckled” him. This James Jesse chap might be a little bit crazy. He pulls out a box with Megan inside and he intends to saw her in half. She tries to reason with him but he talks like they have known each other for a long time. He even states that they have performed this trick a thousand times before. Outside The Flash finds Megan’s van. James is about to do the deed but The Flash pushes Megan out of the way. The Flash punches James and ties him in the box.

The police arrive to take James away and tell Megan that he has multiple identities and is wanted for murder in five states. James corrects the office and claims its six states. As they drive James away he proclaims his love to Megan. As he is exhausted Barry asks Megan for a lift, she suggests they go for a bite to eat first.

A few hours later they arrive at Barry’s apartment to find poor Tina half asleep on Barry’s couch. Tina leaves as she has an early appointment. She seemed a little upset that Barry brought Megan back with him. Megan spends the night in Barry’s bed and so does Barry, I wonder if they got any sleep?

The police are transporting James to the state lock up. All James is talking about his hatred for The Flash and The Flash stole Megan away from him. As James is ranting he picks the lock on his handcuffs, knocks out the office next to him and shoots the driver. The police car screeches to a halt, James dumps the officers and drives off; he believes he is the man to save Megan from the clutches of the evil Flash. He pulls up at an abandoned prop warehouse and breaks in. Inside the warehouse James declares that The Flash won’t keep Megan from his side and The Flash may have defeated James Jessie but he’ll never defeat The Trickster.

At breakfast Megan tells Barry what’s she has been up to since they last met. Julio interrupts a kiss and asks Barry if he is going to the policeman’s costume ball on Saturday. He is and he asks Megan if she will be his date, only problem is he has already asked Tina (silly forgetful Barry). Tina turns up and is visibly unhappy that Barry forgot he asked her. Tina tells Barry not to worry and to take Megan. I’m feeling really bad for Tina on this episode. It’s always the reliable people who get taken for granted.

At the police station Bellows thinks his partner Murphy is The Flash as he never sees them in the same place at the same time. Murphy tells Barry about this and Barry informs Murphy that his secret is safe with him. Lt. Garfield arrives with the news that James Jesse has escaped and killed two police officers. Barry tries to convince Megan that James won’t come to Central City but we know that is not the case.

At the warehouse Trickster is talking to Megan as if she was there, he even does a crude impression of her. He calls her Prank and even has a costume already made for her. He shows off to “Prank” his latest creation The Trickster mobile.

Megan and Barry are talking in the park when The Trickster Mobile arrives with a gift in tow. It’s a life size statue of The Flash (which includes a Jay Garrick style helmet) with a bomb in its hand. The Trickster introduces himself to the city and he is here to rescue them from the menace known as The Flash. The Trickster drives off laughing. Megan realises that The Trickster is James and she notices the bomb is starting to smoke. The Flash saves two kids who were too near the bomb just before it explodes.

Garfield blames The Flash for The Trickster showing up. He feels that The Flash draws the crazy villains out of the woodwork. Barry worries that Garfield is right. Megan blames it on society. I think she is right. Bellows tells Barry that The Trickster has taken hostages at Hecksapoppin Novelties Costume store (great name btw).

At the store The Trickster is singing and stealing. He has already killed one of the hostages for not singing and he warns the remaining hostages that they better start piping up or else. Megan sneaks in through the rear entrance and pulls a gun on The Trickster. He thinks she is still under The Flash’s influence. The Flash turns up at the front entrance and speeds the hostages to safety. The Trickster sets off a smoke grenade and drives off. The Flash chases after him but The Trickster is ready for him. He opens the boot of The Trickster mobile and thousands of marbles pour out on to the street. The Flash slips on them and injures his knee. I think his pride is hurt more than his knee.

Tina takes care of Barry’s knee and she asks how they are going to take down The Trickster. Barry rudely dismisses Tina and asks Megan what they are going to do next. Megan says she will deal with The Trickster on her own and she leaves.

Megan uses her contacts to work out where The Trickster’s hideout is. At the crime lab an FBI agent Bob Endicott asks Barry for assistance in locating The Trickster and he wants to put Megan under FBI protection. Barry informs him that she is staying at his apartment.

Megan finds The Trickster’s hideout and sees The Prank costume and a photo of her face on a mannequin. Back on the street The Trickster has set off fireworks and set up traps. Bellows asks Murphy to change into his Flash costume and save the day, before he can answer Murphy is caught in a trap and knocked out. Bellows doesn’t notice due to the noise of the fireworks. The real Flash runs past Bellows and he thinks it’s his partner. The Flash disables all of the fireworks.

Barry finds Endicott is in his apartment. Earl is barking at him. Megan has left another message on Barry’s answer machine. She tells him that she has found The Trickster’s hideout and gives him the address. Endicott offers to give Barry a lift. That was nice of him.

They arrive at the hideout and meet up with Megan. Without warning Endicott uses chloroform to put Barry to sleep. He then distracts Megan with a confetti cannon and proceeds to knock her out. Endicott removes a false nose, chin and moustache to reveal that he is in fact The Trickster. A short time later we see Megan tied up to a statue in a Prank costume. An unconscious Barry is tied upside over a tank of water. The Trickster laughs as he lowers Barry into the tank while Megan watches on in horror. Instead of waiting to see Barry drown The Trickster grabs Megan and leaves. Barry awakens and vibrates until the tank breaks.

Tina visits Barry at his apartment. He tells her that The Trickster has got Megan and he doesn’t know where they are. They decided that the only way to catch The Trickster is to think illogically. Barry draws up some signs calling out The Trickster to the policeman’s costume ball at the (Carmine) Infantino Hotel.

At the ball Murphy arrives dressed as The Flash but I must say that the costume isn’t exactly accurate; The Flash doesn’t wear a cape. We see many nice costumes at the ball including a cowboy, Superman and 11 people dressed as The Flash. In fact there’s even a chef, a chef who looks a little tricky. He places a tray on a table, it starts to smoke and everyone starts to choke. The Trickster (with a gas mask) confronts Murphy thinking he is The Flash. Even though he is choking Murphy calls The Trickster a dipstick. The Flash clears the air and removes the smoking tray. Megan who was tied up under a table frees herself and throws The Trickster over her shoulder. The Flash starts to juggle candle sticks around The Trickster and ends up throwing them at The Trickster until he collapses.

Bellows and Murphy chuck The Trickster into a police van. Bellows apologises for thinking Murphy was The Flash as he saw them both at the same time. Murphy makes the point that as The Flash is so fast he can be on two places at once. Bellows looks confused. As the police van drives away The Trickster screams that he is The Flash. On another world maybe he is. Megan decides to leave Central City and go work in San Francisco much to Barry’s chagrin.

I love Mark Hamill and I love The Trickster so it’s very obvious that I loved this episode. Joyce Hyser deserves special praise also as she was brilliant as Megan Lockhart.

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